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  • BodyTalk is a quantum healing therapy designed to balance your mind and body quickly and effectively!
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At the BodyTalk 4 Life Clinic we believe in the power of your Innate Wisdom and its ability to self-heal. Through muscle testing we "talk to the body" to find out how to bring about long lasting changes and ongoing improvements rather than short-term symptomatic relief.

Our primary tool is BodyTalk - a simple, completely non-invasive and extremely effective form of integrative medicine that harmonizes the mind, body and soul. The BodyTalk system uses a quantum approach to stimulate the self-healing processes of the bodymind for optimal physical and mental health and wellness.

Your body has a unique story to tell. In a BodyTalk treatment we listen to the story of your own body and your BodyTalk session is uniquely tailored according to the specific needs and requests that your body makes. You are unique and you will receive a unique treatment to address your mental, emotional and physical complaints in an integrative medical approach.

We are extremely passionate about seeing BodyTalk grow as number one alternative healthcare modality in New Zealand and in the world. Our clinic is based in Auckland but for those who are unable to come and receive BodyTalk in Auckland, we do distant healing sessions. We look forward to working with you and to helping you achieve holistic health for your body and mind.

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Our Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner:

Vyara round

Vyara Bridgeman

Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

"Health is not a goal, it is a way of living!
Life is not a race, it is a way of being!"