When does BodyTalk help?

BodyTalk is integrative medicine based on quantum healing principles.

It promotes holistic health and wellness for the mind and body.

Clinical observations show that BodyTalk may help the following:

  • Abdominal pain and dysfunction, IBS, hiatus hernia, constipation
  • Abnormal blood sugar levels causing food cravings and fatigue
  • Addictions
  • Allergies
  • Cell damage due to vaccines, antibiotics, alcohol, drugs and other toxins
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Chronic viral, bacterial, parasitic and fungal infections
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Fears, phobias, limiting beliefs and deep-seated emotional trauma
  • Headaches, migraines, neck and back pain
  • Heavy metal and chemical toxicity
  • Hormonal and reproductive disorders, PMS
  • Joint pain and stiffness, injuries from trauma and sports
  • Learning disabilities and dyslexia, behavioural problems
  • Lymphatic disorders
  • Mental health problems
  • Muscle tension
  • Poor posture and coordination
  • Respiratory and circulatory problems
  • TMJ dysfunction

What happens in a BodyTalk session?

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