BodyTalk Matrix Sessions

Quantum healing and wellness for your whole family, business organization, sports team, and your friendships!

Imagine if you could have happy relationships with the people around you – the ones you love as well as the ones that give you grief!

  • Do want to improve the relationship with your partner?
  • Would you like to experience harmony and connection within your immediate and extended family?
  • Do you want to unite your work team or business organization so that everybody gets along and the work they do is 10 times more effective?
  • Do you have a special relationship from your past or present that you want to heal? A relationship with a dear friend, ex-lover, a child or a parent?
  • How would you like for your sports team to be united and working well together, thinking like one person, sharing the same priorities, dreams and ambitions?
  • Have you ever felt like you don’t fit in with your family, in-laws, colleagues and other social groups? Would you like to feel accepted, welcome and understood by your friends, parents, school mates and colleagues?

The BodyTalk System can help you achieve all of the above through Group Matrix Sessions!

What are Group Matrix Sessions?

Every time a group of people is formed, a resulting energy body is formed as well. This energetic body represents the sum-total of all interactions between various people in the group. The health of this energetic body is strongly influenced by the dynamics and various interactions within the group. This includes personal relationships and shared responsibilities, but also outside influences (such as climatic changes, movements on the financial market, other people’s energies, historical influence, etc.).

It is fairly intuitive to understand that the relationships between various members in a group will impact on the health of the group matrix. What most people don’t realize, however, is that the health of the group matrix, i.e. the energetic body representing the group, can influence the dynamics and the relationships within the group!

Think of it this way: imagine mum and dad and their two teenage kids building a house to live in. The health and the strength of the house will depend on the job that the family does as a group (which in turn will reflect the relationships between the group members). But overtime, the health of the house itself can strongly influence back the health of the relationships within the family! If mould starts to grow in the house, it has the potential to trigger allergic reactions and even change the brain chemistry of some of the family members. As a result, they will become irritable at least, which will consequently change the family dynamics. With BodyTalk, we can give personal sessions to the affected members of the family but that would be treating the symptom, not the cause! The more effective way to approach the situation is to heal the house itself (i.e. remove the cause by clearing to mould). This then will heal the symptoms in the family members and the family dynamics will become healthier as a result.

You may have already guessed that the house in the example above is only a metaphor. The house is really the energetic body representing the dynamics within a group. This group can be a family with or without children, a business organization, a sports team or any other group of people connected in a certain way. Sometimes the most effective way to improve the dynamics within a group is by going to the root of the problem and healing the “house”, i.e. the energetic body of the group as a whole. And BodyTalk can do that through the so called “matrix sessions”.

At the BodyTalk 4 Life Clinic, we have had some very good results with doing matrix sessions on couples, families and businesses. The couples’ matrix sessions are the most popular ones at present. But we can even do a matrix session to heal your family history. This can be very beneficial in cases where there has been prolonged trauma in the family (e.g. holocaust, persecution, etc.).

To do a matrix session, we only need one member of the group in the clinic – they will act as a surrogate for the group matrix. If you are unable to come to our BodyTalk 4 Life Clinic in Auckland (New Zealand), we also do matrix sessions through distant healing. In that case, none of the members of the group need to be present in the clinic.

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