As I live in the UK I was sceptical that BodyTalk would be able to help from such a distance. However, this seems not to have been the case. I have been diagnosed with Bi-polar, borderline personality disorder and anxiety. I take conventional medicine and have had therapy. BodyTalk though seems to have cleared my anger, stress, worry, and the anger I would normally get for days after 'therapy'. I do NOT believe this is mind over matter as I often forgot when my BodyTalk distant sessions were and I am asleep when Vyara works. Yet, the sessions made a big difference.

My son Lewis, aged 9, was also treated with distant BodyTalk sessions. I have 4 children but only Lewis displays extreme behaviour. Lewis had no idea that Vyara was helping him yet the difference on the days after a session was vast. Vyara, you seemed to tune in to his feelings and thoughts at the time, different in each session! Lewis has been able to calm himself, relax, sleep better, work better, and concentrate more. Amazing! Thank you so much! I really want to learn how to do BodyTalk myself. Unfortunately the UK is very behind in alternative medicines. Thank you, Vyara, look forward to having you help us again in the future.


After I received BodyTalk over a couple of months, my liver function improved dramatically, my menstrual cycle became regular and my emotional state was much more balanced. I was amazed at the results and naturally I wanted my whole family to try BodyTalk. My parents however live in Europe and there is no BodyTalk offered near their home. That’s why they agreed to receive distant healing BodyTalk sessions at the BodyTalk 4 Life Clinic in New Zealand . Sceptical at first, my parents gradually began to recognize the benefits of BodyTalk through long-distance healing sessions. After a few weeks, my mum’s asthma cleared considerably and constipation was no longer a problem, whereas my dad could sleep throughout the night for the first time in years. Moreover, mum and dad report feeling much closer to each other and they have no doubt BodyTalk is “responsible” for that too, as it helped them let go of much of their emotional baggage. It is simply astonishing to see that BodyTalk works from a distance!


Discover the quantum principles of distant healing for natural health and wellness

Quantum physics research and modern scientific discoveries show convincingly that distant healing (also known as remote healing, distance healing or long-distance healing) is just as effective as “face to face” treatments in achieving holistic health and wellness for the mind and body. Quantum physicists have argued for the existence of the zero point field through which we are all connected and this connection is independent of time and space. This important finding gives scientific credibility to distant healing. You can think of distant healing as wireless technology - it works in ways similar to cell phones and to the Internet.

The effect of distant healing can be measured through the so called Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP), a devise developed by Dr Thornton Streeter DSc. CEO CBS. PIP is now used worldwide for validating various alternative therapies. It highlights areas of well-being and disease with clear patterns and colours. Clinical data from trials in which the PIP technique was used to measure the level of healing obtained during distant sessions showed remarkable measurable difference between the Before and After pictures. In one of those trials the patient was in India and the practitioner was in Sweden. PIP indicated that the patient responded instantly to the remote healing treatment and areas highlighted as blocked/diseased before the treatment cleared immediately after the treatment.

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Many people nowadays choose to have distant BodyTalk sessions, either because the practitioner they like does not live in their area, or simply because it saves time.

At the BodyTalk 4 Life Clinic, which is based in Auckland, we have clients from USA, South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia. All of our distant clients have been reporting remarkable improvement in their physical and mental health and wellness as a result of their distant BodyTalk treatments.

Experience the BodyTalk distant healing sessions yourself

To set up a distant session, we require the client to complete a medical history form and send us a recent photograph. Then we set up a time for the session. The client may choose to rest while the session is in progress. Alternatively, they can simply go about their day. While the practitioner is doing the treatment, there is no need for direct communication with the client. Sometimes the session is during the client’s night sleep due to the difference in time zones. The client may experience different sensations in their body while the work is being done, or if they are asleep some aspects of the treatment may be reflected in their dreams. After the session is completed, the client receives a detailed report of what has been targeted during the treatment via email.

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