Vyara is a gifted practitioner. She is humble, discerning and full of integrity. Her ability to hear the real truth amongst my story has been extremely helpful to me. I have been a client of hers for over 6 months and the shifts and healing I have experienced have been profound for me. I originally came to Vyara to deal with my binge and emotional eating issues. Since then I have lost 6 kilos and my relationship to myself and food have dramatically changed. I am an aware person and always arrive with "my stuff". Vyara gets straight to the point and her ability to work with my body is such a welcome relief for me, as I have tried "everything". Her kindness and love always leaves me feeling at peace. Thank you, Vyara, for being all that you are, you are truly a gift to all that come into your universe! Big thank you's!

Sue James

At the start of my second BodyTalk session, Vyara asked me what changes I had noticed since my first session, two weeks before. Where to begin? The list goes on and on: Loss of shoulder pain, giving me ease of movement and no restriction (with no other treatment than the one BodyTalk session!); End of internal, energy draining conversations, so I now have a clear mind and a sense of mental quiet and relaxation; Elimination of lethargy and a sense of depression that I used to have; Gaining a sense of lightness in how I go through the day with more positivity and enjoyment; No more ‘sleep' fatigue, so I now wake up refreshed and with energy, looking forward to the day; Easing of throat restriction making it easy for me to swallow food once again, rather than food sticking in my throat regardless of how well chewed it was.. And on top of all that, I hadn't had a corn chip in two weeks! Which was great, considering that before my BodyTalk session I addictively munched around 2 cereal bowls of corn chips a day!

As I rattled off these changes, I began to realise just how powerful and quick the BodyTalk process can be. I know that any process, no matter how good it is, can be affected by the person applying it. I feel fortunate to have found a practitioner in Vyara who I sense, both believes in the power of the BodyTalk process to help the body heal itself, and is energised and motivated by the changes people can and do experience. Have a session with Vyara, it could literally change how you experience your life!

Dougal Thompson

I haven’t always been into energy. The realm beyond the matter, the numbers and the obvious used to escape me. I grew up in communist Bulgaria and I remember my grandmother secretly lighting a candle and crossing herself on occasion. Only later did I understand that grandma had been praying. And risking her life and that of her entire family in doing so since spiritual acts used to be strictly forbidden and severely punished by the communist regime. Not surprisingly, I was raised oblivious to the spiritual world and encouraged to develop my gifts in mathematics. I studied computers and computer programming in high school. Then I chose an academic career in generative linguistics, which got me into some of the best generative linguistics departments in the world, including that at the University of Tromsoe in Norway and the one at MIT in USA. High achievement and ambition drove me and that worked exceptionally well for me for a while. Until it no longer did.

As the saying goes, the truth will set you free… except first it will make you miserable. Naturally, I had to face the truth to become free – free of the false self, of the false ambition, of the false beliefs, and of my incomplete understanding of the laws of the universe. Unfortunately, the way it happened for me was through intense suffering (but then again, that’s the way awakening happens for most people – through pain).

I was still in my 20’s when I got paralyzed with a severe case of arthritis. Now, being bound to a wheel chair is, of course, no fun. Yet, that turned out to be a pivotal point which I will forever be grateful for because it made me ask all sorts of questions and look for what’s beyond the obvious, beyond the matter, and beyond the physical body. I started searching for answers that eventually lead me to the truth – namely, that the energy and the invisible field precede and give rise to the matter and the physical world; and that the healing of the physical body starts with healing the mental and the emotional bodies. The mind and the matter have always been and will always be connected. That realization was the truth that set me free and I got out of the wheel chair not simply walking again; I went on to win several dance competitions, too!

My own healing journey started with complicated medical procedures and a “healthy” dose of a variety of (largely useless) medications. At one point, desperation made me make a sharp U-turn and get on the road to Ayurveda, Reiki, meditation and personal development work. Inevitably, I got acquainted with Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Depak Chopra and Dr. John Demartini, to name a few. Dr. John Veltheim and the BodyTalk System were the icing on the cake. Once I experienced the healing potential of BodyTalk I could never go back to my old life and my old self. I had no choice but to study, qualify, and start practicing BodyTalk to help others heal themselves. And that’s exactly what I did!

Now an Advanced Certified BodyTalk practitioner and a member of the International BodyTalk Association, I am extremely happy to be of service and help alleviate the suffering of others. Yes, pain may be inevitable but suffering is optional. And if BodyTalk can do one thing effectively, it’s precisely that – it can eliminate the suffering. I have seen that happen over and over again in my 15+ years of experience as a BodyTalk practitioner. And I will never get tired of witnessing yet another case of a lost soul finding its way and coming home.

BodyTalk is energy medicine. It facilitates communication with the body and within the body, and translates physical, mental and emotional symptoms into something the patient can make sense of consciously. It helps a variety of conditions: chronic pain and illness, physical injuries, emotional trauma, eating disorders, infections, inflammation, cell damage, addictions, etc.

My original BodyTalk practice was based in a clinic in Auckland, New Zealand. After 10 years I moved to Europe and I now do BodyTalk sessions at a distance for clients from around the world, either via a video call or by doing true distant healing. I speak Bulgarian, English, Norwegian and Spanish, and I look forward to working with you to help you find your way back to yourself and to true health and happiness.

My personal passion and skill is identifying a common denominator that underlies most (if not all) of your problems and complaints, physical and mental. No matter how diverse your challenges seem, there is usually a few underlying issues that when addressed, everything starts to fall into place. It's not as complicated as you might think. Together, we can unravel your blocks and get you moving in the right direction.

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