How to set goals and achieve them

How to set goals and achieve them successfully

Already have your New Year’s resolutions? For those who do and for those who don’t, this article will hopefully give you an insight into the key ingredient to experiencing a truly magical year of success and growth.

How to achieve your goals and your New Year’s resolutions

What’s the easiest and surest way to achieve all of your New Year’s resolutions? It’s to think, act and feel NOW as if you had already achieved them. That’s the simple part though. The bit that requires more effort, yet its importance is largely ignored by many of is, is working out the resolutions themselves.

To correctly identify our true desires, we need to be asking ourselves the right questions. For instance, here is an unproductive question: How much do I need to have in savings by the end of the year to be able to afford a down payment on a house? Firstly, you may not need to be saving in order to acquire a house. Or you may not even need the house itself. What if you meet someone that already has one? Or at the end of last year you move to a different country that has more to offer for your career or your state of mind (or your financial state for that matter)? Or the market shifts so that it makes sense financially to rent a place for the rest of your life? Then you will have spent a whole year focusing your energy in the wrong place, i.e. trying to control your environment which, by definition, is impossible.

A much better question to ask is “How would I like to feel?” Happy? Fulfilled? Peaceful? Loved? Vital? Once you have your answer, you have your New Year’s resolution. To achieve it, all you need to do is go to a quiet place, shut your eyes and start feeling the way you want to feel. You only need 10 minutes daily, early morning or late evening (or both, if you are very committed). Feel whatever you want to be feeling, disregarding the present feedback from TIME, ENVIRONMENT and BODY. Be grateful for feeling happy, fulfilled or peaceful right now, as if it were true. In no time will it become true. It’s the quantum law: energy follows thought and manifestation in the physical world is the result.

Ultimately, what I am suggesting here is that this year you try going through a reverse process to what you may have done in the past. Normally we do things and we buy stuff and we act in one way or another for one and only reason – to feel a certain way. But that never works! If, however, you discover the secret of being in control of generating the feeling you desire (through giving thanks for experiencing it right now as if it were true), your priorities for things to do and buy will change drastically. Moreover, you will magically find yourself in a space where your actions match your feelings (of happiness, love, etc.) and you will start attracting to yourself more and more of your desired experiences. Your decision making process will reorient itself to help you create a different environment. This new, healthier environment will be a result of you changing your feelings (which is the only thing you can control) rather than trying to change the environment itself (which will always be a futile act).

Now, let’s get started. Do you already know how you would like to feel? Not sure? If you are feeling tired and sluggish now, perhaps you would like to feel more vital and active instead? If you are constantly grumpy and angry, perhaps you would like to feel joyful and forgiving? If you are a drama queen, maybe you would like to be peaceful? Spending most of your time in fear? How about feeling abundance? One thing is sure: if your predominant state of being during the past year was fatigue, anger, anxiety or fear/lack, then your New Year’s resolutions are likely to be driven by that state. Let’s resolve to replace that state with a more wholesome one. That’s the only resolution you need to make and to be working on. Dedicate 10 minutes of your time daily feeling that new wholesome state of mind and being grateful for experiencing it right now. Everything else will be taken care of in a truly magical way.

If this information intrigued you, inspired you, and left you wanting to know more about the quantum law of manifestation and its practical applications, I recommend you read “Braking the Habit of Being Yourself” by Dr Joe Dispenza.

And for the most committed ones, you may be interested in doing a seminar called MindScape, which will teach you how to use the potential of your mind to create a happier and more fulfilled version of yourself. Once you master the skill of self-generating a desired feeling, your environment will automatically align itself to match that feeling.

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