Are you losing your mind

Are you losing your mind?

What is the mind, where is it, and how is it connected to the brain? More importantly, what happens when we “lose our mind” and what can we do to “find” it? These are the questions I tackle in the article today.


The mind-brain connection

The simplest way I can explain the mind is by saying it’s both our awareness and also our lack of awareness. Depending on the depth and clarity of awareness we are talking about a conscious mind, a subconscious mind, an unconscious mind, and a superconscious mind.

Now, where is the mind? It’s actually everywhere. Every cell has awareness (a mind of its own, so to speak) which serves as a program instructing the cell what to do (and what not to do). Thus, the consciousness of a T-cell is Protection. Effectively, Protection is a program that contains the instruction to kill cancer cells. Importantly, the more conscious and aware a T-cell is, the better it will serve to protect. Conversely, the more unconscious and unaware it is, the worse it will be at its job to protect.

Now, lack of awareness could arise as a result of many things. One of the biggest reasons though is inconsistent programs and conflicting awareness among different cells, organs and systems in the body. Such variation in instructions naturally leads to confusion and conflict. For instance, the program of Protection encoded in a T-cell could be in conflict with a program/awareness of Self-dislike encoded in the thymus. And since the thymus is where T-cells mature, you can now understand how a T-cell may be hesitant to act as a protector and could in fact turn against you as the awareness of Protection battles with the awareness of Self-dislike inside a T-cell’s “head”.

On the face of it, it’s extremely important to firstly have expanded awareness and as much clarity as possible about the different levels of the mind and what programs are running on every level; secondly, it’s also extremely important to get all fragments of the mind more or less on the same page, integrated and synchronized. It’s only through the consistent integration and synchronization of the various aspects of the mind that we can function normally. Otherwise, it may start to feel like we are losing our mind (which is nothing else but fragments of the mind going in different/conflicting directions).

So how do we access the various levels of the mind so that we have expanded awareness and greater clarity of what’s going on where? Access to the mind is granted to us through reason, senses, feelings and intuition. And this is where the brain and the different parts of the nervous system come in. We reason, sense, feel and intuit primarily through the nervous system and the different brain energy centers in the body. Thus, we have the reptilian brain and the gut brain which give us the ability to sense and to access the instinctual mind; we also have the limbic system and the heart brain which give us the ability to become aware through feelings and emotions; and we have the cortex and pre-frontal cortex where we can expand awareness through reason, logic and self-control. Importantly, we can intuit a feeling, we can sense an emotion, we can feel the reason and logic, and we can reason a feeling. In other words, the entire nervous system needs to come online in a synchronized and integrated fashion if we are to expand awareness in the most optimal way. If not, we run the risk of remaining unaware of certain aspects of the mind and that’s a recipe for losing it.

Are you interested in achieving brain-mind synchronization and integration for yourself? Meditation and personal development work can be extremely helpful. BodyTalk is also a great tool as it is, in fact, a form of consciousness-based medicine. 

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