Treating the cause, not the symptom

Are you treating the cause or the symptom?

In this BodyTalk 4 Life newsletter will find out how to make friends with your aches and pains, learn from them, and release them. Read on and find out why your body may be aching.


Symptoms – don’t treat them, love them!

Taking the symptoms away is like turning the light off

In BodyTalk, we recognize that the client’s symptoms are the tip of the iceberg, and we address what is underneath. In other medical modalities, if you complain about pain in the knee, the practitioner will treat your knee. Quite often the “treatment” does not address the underlying cause of the condition, it only eliminates the symptom which then makes things even worse.

To understand this more clearly, imagine a light bulb on the dashboard in your car signalling that there is something wrong with your engine. If you remove the light bulb, you haven’t really removed the problem, you’ve only removed the signal telling you that there is a problem. Your engine is still in trouble, only you have now blinded yourself to this fact, which in turn puts you into even greater trouble.

Similarly, the doctor will give you a drug for the pain in your knee and the pain might go away. That didn’t fix the problem,however, it just took away the signal indicating that there is a problem. But the thing is, quite often the problem is nowhere near the symptom!!! Thus, a pain in the knee might result from problems with your kidneys, problems with your elbow, a tooth infection, food allergies, a deep fear of something in your life, etc.

Symptoms evolve into other symptoms unless we address the cause

Imagine you have just retired and have a fear of moving forward in life. You feel stuck and you don’t know what to do with yourself. Your knees start playing up. You take the wonderful drugs and the pain is gone. But you still have that fear. It will now seek other ways of “expressing” itself. Soon you notice your sleep becomes erratic, you wake up at night feeling restless, can’t go back to sleep, can’t focus on doing anything. The doctor gives you sleeping pills. Your sleep is now better, but the fear is still inside. Next thing you know, you suffer a kidney failure. Get a new kidney? That will certainly make up for the compromised kidney function but what about the fear? It’s still inside you!!! And it will gnaw away at you for as long as you keep masking the symptoms.

What’s the best thing to do when a new symptom appears?

The BodyTalk System offers is a form of integrative medicine and offers a set of quantum healing techniques which are safe and non-invasive. We do not diagnose or treat conditions. We highlight areas of priority and re-establish communication within your bodymind system. This enables the body to activate the self-healing mechanism which is inherent in us but is compromised through everyday stress. The magic of BodyTalk is in the way we obtain information about what needs to be highlighted. We use neuromuscular bio-feedback from your own body. We do not make things up, and we do not assume what might be causing your problems. We let your body guide us and if you need to see another practitioner (be it a different BodyTalker or a practitioner from a different modality), your body will indicate that too!!

How BodyTalk can help relieve your symptoms

Oftentimes, things that come up in a BodyTalk session seem unrelated to the problem the client came for. Nevertheless, the problem still gets resolved. For instance, I once had a client with an irregular menstrual cycle. Nothing that surfaced during the session had anything to do with her reproductive system. Her session was entirely about her relationship with her husband and their financial situation. Not only did the family issues get resolved after the BodyTalk treatment, but our client now has a regular menstrual cycle. Another client of mine resolved a long-standing problem related to food cravings after addressing and disassociating a traumatic experience from her childhood to do with her mother. I have seen back pain go away after addressing a scar in the foot. And the list goes on and on…

In conclusion

This is not to say that conventional medicine does not have its place! Western medicine can be wonderful in many acute situations and has been a life saver in hundreds of cases. However, instead of resorting to “alternative” therapies once conventional treatments have been exhausted, we might benefit far more by acting the other way around. Rather, seek out non-invasive ways of restoring the natural balance in the body first, and then opt for invasive techniques as a last resort. BodyTalk is certainly a great place to start – it gives demonstrable benefits for the client and is practically risk-free. With this approach, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!

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