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BodyTalk Intensive for advanced detoxification and rapid holistic healing

In this newsletter you will learn how to achieve advanced detoxification and rapid holistic healing using BodyTalk.


BodyTalk Intensive: The magic of 10 BodyTalk sessions for advanced detoxification and rapid holistic healing

Imagine that your body is like a giant storage space. Over time it fills up with junk. Our job with BodyTalk is to clean up the junk so that the body can become lighter and more efficient. When you are free of junk (toxins, negative thoughts, stress, and self-destructive behaviour patterns), your self-healing mechanism starts to work properly again. You feel happier, freer and healthier as a result.

Now, if we start cleaning the junk little by little, sometimes we lose the momentum and it may take a bit of time before we notice a change. Often, before we are able to clean up the old junk, new rubbish gets dumped into our bodies. Thus, it can be difficult to heal old stubborn pathology and to keep on top of our mental and physical health in the face of all the stress we are constantly getting from our current environment.

If we, however, commit to a major clean-up doing it daily over a short period of time, we can get more efficient results much faster. Hence, receiving 10 BodyTalk sessions within 10-14 days can prove very effective for some. To get the maximum benefit from such an intense treatment, you need to be committed and ready for a rapid change. If you have a stubborn disease, debilitating condition, unproductive thinking patterns that lead to self-destructive behaviour, additions, substance abuse, over-eating, depression, anxiety, or if you simply want to be amazing in ways that you never thought possible, then doing the 10-session BodyTalk Intensive is for you. If traveling to my clinic daily is not practical for you, distant BodyTalk sessions are also available.

Dr Elizabeth Henson, MD, is a BodyTalk practitioner in USA. She was the one that inspired me to start doing BodyTalk sessions daily for clients who are very motivated to experience a rapid change. Dr Henson did BodyTalk sessions for clients who had MS, internal shingles on the brain, eczema, hives/anaphylaxis, fibromyalgia, ovarian cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, anxiety, depression and kidney failure. The results she obtained with each client after giving them 10 sessions within 10-15 days were phenomenal. Interestingly, Dr Henson did most of the BodyTalk sessions as distant healing sessions.

If you are unsure about distant healing BodyTalk sessions, keep reading – the information below will hopefully help answer any questions that you may have.

Distant healing: science or myth?

Everyone who has experienced BodyTalk sessions from a distance, reports that they are just as effective as “face-to-face” treatments. As puzzling as this may sound, science now has an explanation for the distant healing phenomenon (also known as “remote healing”). Quantum physics argues for the existence of the so-called “zero point field” through which we are all connected. Moreover, this connection is independent of time and space. Due to this interconnectedness (also known as “quantum entanglement”), energy information permeates space instantaneously, in fact it “travels” faster than the speed of light. Einstein, Pedolsky and Rosen were the first ones to steer science towards this finding (much to Einstein’s resistance) – in 1935 they designed an extremely clever thought experiment which was later carried out successfully and revealed that non-locality and quantum entanglement do indeed exist. These discoveries give sound scientific credibility to remote healing.

Distant healing and the AIDS experiment

In the 1990’s Dr Elizabeth Targ designed a double blind study to test the effect of remote healing. She had 20 AIDS patients with a similar extent of illness and divided them into two groups: Group A and Group B. Both groups received conventional treatment but only Group B received distant healing additionally. The distant healing was given by 40 healers for 10 weeks. These healers never met their patients: all they were given was a name, a photo and a T cell count. Six months later, 40% of the patients in Group A had died. In contrast, everybody in Group B was not only still alive but also reported feeling much better. Group B’s medical tests at that time also showed an improvement in their health.

Dr Elizabeth Targ was so amazed by these results that she could barely believe them. She repeated the experiment, this time controlling for 50 different factors that could have influenced the outcome of the first study. To her astonishment, the second study replicated the results of the first. Distant healing was proven to work!

Measuring the effect of distant healing

The effect of distant healing can now be measured through the so-called Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP), a device developed by Dr Thornton Streeter who is a leading expert in biofield sciences. PIP is used worldwide for validating healing techniques. It highlights areas of wellbeing and disease with clear patterns and colours. Clinical data from trials in which the PIP technique was used to measure the level of healing obtained during distant sessions, showed significant measurable difference between the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ pictures. In one of those remarkable trials, the patient was in India and the practitioner was in Sweden. PIP indicated that the patient responded instantly to the remote healing treatment – the areas highlighted as blocked/diseased prior to the treatment cleared immediately after the treatment.

Trials with distant BodyTalk

I have treated hundreds of people distantly in my BodyTalk practice so far. And it amazes me how much the preference towards distant sessions has grown in the last year or so! When I look at my practice today, about 80% of my clients opt for distant sessions. Some of them are overseas clients. But many live in Auckland and still prefer to receive distant BodyTalk treatments. This trend prompted me to design a study which I conducted in the middle of 2013. I divided clients with eating disorders into two groups: group A received in-person BodyTalk sessions, whereas group B received distant BodyTalk sessions. One the whole, group B (which received distant sessions) responded faster to the treatments and reported more significant shifts. Since the trail was small, definite conclusions are not easy to draw from it. But the preliminary findings gave enough indication that distant sessions not only work, in some cases they might even work better!

A similar trial on a somewhat larger scale was conducted by Laura L Stuve, Honghu Liu, Jie Shen, Jill Gianettoni and Janet Galipo, and published under the title Evaluation of BodyTalk, a Novel Mind-Body Medicine, for Chronic Pain Treatment.

What you need to get started

If you are tired of being where you are at, physically, mentally and/or emotionally, if you are motivated to change your life, if you are in pain and want to feel free again, then doing an intense 10-session block of BodyTalk is for you. To get started, email me the following:

  • A photo of you;
  • Your full name and date of birth;
  • Your physical address;
  • What are your current complaints, how long have you had them for, what daily activities do you have trouble performing because of these complaints?
  • How is your sleep, are you exercising, are you eating well, how are your energy and digestion?
  • Do you have any scars, surgeries, previous illnesses, falls, fractures, etc?
  • How are you emotionally and mentally?
  • What is your overall goal with BodyTalk?

There will be no phone calls before the sessions or while the sessions are in progress. It doesn’t matter what you do during the session. Each session will take up to 40min. Once the session is done, I will email you a summary and we can discuss it on the phone if needed. During the session you may be aware of different sensations and emotions though most people don’t feel much on a conscious level while they are receiving the session. Just be open and experience whatever is there for you to experience. I look forward to working with you!

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