BodyTalk for peak performance

BodyTalk for peak performance

In this BodyTalk4Life newsletter, you will learn how to use BodyTalk to prepare yourself for such important events as sitting an exam, giving a public talk, undergoing surgery, running a marathon, auditioning… anything that is really important to you and requires you to be in optimal condition and peak performance.


BodyTalk for peak performance

Are you faced with a big day that you want to go off perfectly? Surgery, exams, auditions, marathons, job interviews, weddings, competitions, public speaking, giving birth… Do you want to make sure you are in optimal condition for an important upcoming event?

Using BodyTalk, we can set up a Performance Agenda session to “program” your body today for an important event in the future!!

If you are an athlete, it is important that you have maximum circulation in your limbs right at the start and during your athletic event. If you are about to undergo surgery, you will need your blood to go away from the area that will be operated on. You will also need your blood to clot a bit faster so that you don’t lose a lot of blood during the operation. During your post-surgery recovery state you will need enhanced circulation in the area operated on to ensure the tissues repair and heal quickly. If you are going for an interview, audition, or an important meeting, you would need maximum clarity of thought and ability to express yourself verbally on a high level.

BodyTalk can help you go through any event stress-free, calm and “in the zone”. And the most amazing thing is that you don’t have to have your BodyTalk session on the day of the event. You can actually have your session weeks prior to the event and your session will still take effect on the day of the important event.

At the BodyTalk4 Life clinic we have worked very successfully with athletes getting ready for big competitions and marathons and they have all reported amazing results from using BodyTalk to ensure peak performance on “the big day”. Read on to find out how one of our clients enjoyed the benefits of a BodyTalk Agenda session for a long-distance trip to Europe.

Happy client

“Before I found BodyTalk, whenever I travelled overseas, I’d suffer severe jetlag. It used to take me up to a week to feel my normal self after a long distance flight. This was quite unpleasant, whether I was travelling for vacation or business, as I always had to plan some extra time to allow myself to recover from the time difference. Luckily, I found BodyTalk so I now ask for an Agenda session before I travel. As a result, my last two trips to Europe have been remarkably different! On both occasions I arrived refreshed and energized and my body fell into the local rhythm already on the first day!”


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