Bodytalk and your personal unique story

BodyTalk reads your personal unique story

In this article, my colleague Beverly Lutz explains how the BodyTalk system allows us to connect to your unique story and create a personalized treatment based on your unique experiences. Read on to find out more about the approach “One size does NOT fit all”.


Your unique body story

by Beverly Lutz, Sr. CBI, MSc, LMT

Your unique body story – yes, I’m talking about your body and my body and everybody’s body on Earth!! This incredible totally unique machine, which is referred to as “you”, and which cannot be reproduced or manufactured by any science, has its own story, a story which belongs to you alone. In this story is the true wholeness of your Being, of your body, mind and spirit.

Most of us seem to have this very real tendency to think of our physical bodies in quite an impersonal way. We expect them to function for us. Period! And we don’t give much thought to the natural process that is occurring every single second in our bodies, to keep us alive. Our hearts pump blood along the roadways of the arteries and veins, our liver and pancreas work as partners in controlling our blood sugar, and as long as our lungs breathe in and breathe out, we are alive. All of these functions, and many thousands more, are going on continuously without any conscious contribution from you.

The truth is, the human body is the most remarkable machine in existence. There is no computer that surpasses its capability. There is no mind brilliant enough to synthetically make a human. And there is no way to keep the body alive when its’ natural story is complete, and it is time for its passing.

Based on what we understand from quantum physics, and theorems such as Bells Theorem, it seems every single cell, of the 50 trillion cells in your body, is in constant communication with every other cell in your body. Isn’t that an amazing realization? This means no one part of your body can function independently. With this constant communication comes a working together of the parts of your wholeness. Wholeness (holistic) means having all aspects of your body, mind and spirit in a state of balance, harmony and wellness. On the contrary, when aspects of our body are not in full communication, when this communication has been compromised by the many forms of stresses of life, a state of disharmony then begins to manifest in the physical, emotional, and/or spiritual aspects of ones’ body. The manifestation of the imbalances might be in the form of digestive, hormonal, heart, skin or breathing problems. Or it might show with multiple symptoms such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, constant virus, cancer or a myriad of other diseases.

Now, let’s go back to the uniqueness which I was saying we all have. Why is this important do you think? Well, the uniqueness reflects your own special story, the story of your life with all of its details. Every single experience of your life has come through your body in one way or another, through one or more of your five senses. Most of the time you experience the happenings, feel the emotions and let them go. However, at other times, the event or emotion has an impact on you, it has an emotional energetic charge to it, and instead of letting it go, you store the experience in your body. When an event or emotion gets stored, the “charge” of it acts like a short-circuit in the communication I mentioned earlier. What then follows is that the necessary link between certain aspects of your body becomes weakened or in some way compromised. When that happens, and the communication is no longer optimal, symptoms manifest in the body. We call this “dis-ease”.

Certain parts of our bodies have a tendency to hold certain kinds of emotions. This means when an experience has an emotional impact on us, this event can be stored unconsciously in the bodymind. Using the ancient Chinese medical model, the liver tends to store anger. The heart is often susceptible to depression, and the lungs might hang on to grief. Each of our organs, endocrines, and muscles, can grab and store experiences which have impacted us. We could say that our bodies are like a map of our lives! These are very simple examples, used just to help illustrate a point. The story becomes much bigger when we look at the consciousness and different personalities of our body parts.

The reaction to the emotion is unique to each of our personal stories. For one person an experience will be just an experience and there will be no hanging on to it, while the seemingly same experience will be “charged” and stored by another person. Whether or not a life experience becomes stored depends on the current emotional state of the person, the uniqueness of that particular person’s history, and even his/her inherited emotions and tendencies, among other things.

As these energies become stored we begin to experience less than optimal health, be it through physical and/or emotional symptoms. It is not possible for a practitioner, regardless of his/her skill and sensitivity, to be able to say what is “wrong” with the person. Of course there are very valid tests and methods that lead to a description of what is happening, and this description of what is going on is what we call the “diagnosis”. While it is possible to say what appears to be behind the valid diagnosis, who can say what is behind that apparent cause? In other words, behind the causes is the life story of each unique person, and your biography becomes your biology. As it is not possible for another to read the life story of “you”, it begins to become feasible to see how the healing of the bodymind is a process unique to that person.

The word “holistic” refers to the totality of a person. Most healthcare practices, be they allopathic or integrative medicine, concentrate on the “problem” body part believing the source of the problem is related somehow to that particular area. The reality, however, is that the illness may be caused by something not related to the body part which is demonstrating the symptoms. On the contrary, by accessing the person’s story of how the life experiences have been stored in the body, is what makes The BodyTalkSystem™ a truly holistic healthcare system. This means the body, mind and spirit levels become balanced according to the priority needs of that person, and once this happens it is possible for healing to occur on many levels.

Using this system, the Innate Intelligence of the body becomes the guide, and it tells the BodyTalkSystem™ practitioner what links need to be repaired. Once we have this unique information, we then use the BodyTalkSystem™ to balance the indicated links which, in turn, restores the previous communication glitch. We then ask, and find out, what the next priority link is, and so on. The results of this process are truly phenomenal. In these exciting times of research and advanced technology, we are now seeing scientific explanations of why energy medicine is so effective. These validating results are supportive of the knowing that the practitioners using this system have had for years, that by tapping into the Innate Wisdom of the client, and listening to what it tells us, we can assist the body in restoring itself in a holistic manner. As the balance of the body is enhanced, the body is capable of healing itself! If the body is asked, rather than being told, it will reveal the most intimate details of that person’s story through a sequence of links. And as this uniqueness unfolds, and the priority pieces get balanced, always as indicated by the body, the person begins to heal. There are no limits to this process. The wisdom of your body, when accessed, will truly create the miracles of healing!

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