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Vyara is a gifted practitioner. She is humble, discerning and full of integrity. Her ability to hear the real truth amongst my story has been extremely helpful to me. I have been a client of hers for over 6 months and the shifts and healing I have experienced have been profound for me. I originally came to Vyara to deal with my BINGE and EMOTIONAL EATING issues. Since then I have LOST 6 KILOS and my relationship to myself and food have dramatically changed. I am an aware person and always arrive with "my stuff". Vyara gets straight to the point and her ability to work with my body is such a welcome relief for me, as I have tried "everything". Her kindness and love always leaves me feeling at peace. Thank you, Vyara, for being all that you are, you are truly a gift to all that come into your universe! Big thank you's!

Sue James

Before BodyTalk, getting my period was a time I looked to with bitterness. Whenever it came, I would get PERIOD CRAMPS and BLOATING and would feel weak. Sometimes I would even throw up, and would have to have a day off school. It was the worst time of the month for me. Then I started BodyTalk. The problem with my period was treated and every time I got my period after that, it would hurt less and less. Then it just didn’t hurt anymore and now I feel fine every time I get it. I am so very grateful to BodyTalk for taking me ‘out of my misery’. Literally.


At the start of my second BodyTalk session, Vyara asked me what changes I had noticed since my first session, two weeks before. Where to begin? The list goes on and on: Loss of SHOULDER PAIN, giving me ease of movement and no restriction (with no other treatment than the one BodyTalk session!); End of internal, energy draining conversations, so I now have a clear mind and a sense of mental quiet and relaxation; Elimination of lethargy and a sense of DEPRESSION that I used to have; Gaining a sense of lightness in how I go through the day with more positivity and enjoyment; No more ‘sleep' FATIGUE, so I now wake up refreshed and with energy, looking forward to the day; Easing of throat restriction making it easy for me to swallow food once again, rather than food sticking in my throat regardless of how well chewed it was.. And on top of all that, I hadn't had a corn chip in two weeks! Which was great, considering that before my BodyTalk session I addictively munched around 2 cereal bowls of corn chips a day!

As I rattled off these changes, I began to realise just how powerful and quick the BodyTalk process can be. I know that any process, no matter how good it is, can be affected by the person applying it. I feel fortunate to have found a practitioner in Vyara who I sense, both believes in the power of the BodyTalk process to help the body heal itself, and is energised and motivated by the changes people can and do experience. Have a session with Vyara, it could literally change how you experience your life!

Dougal Thompson

Clinical observations show that BodyTalk can help:

  • Abdominal pain and dysfunction, IBS, hiatus hernia, constipation
  • Abnormal blood sugar levels causing diabetes, food cravings and fatigue
  • Addictions, eating disorders, allergies
  • Cell damage due to vaccines, antibiotics, alcohol, drugs and other toxins
  • Chronic illnesses, headaches, migraines, neck and back pain, respiratory and circulatory problems
  • Chronic viral, bacterial, parasitic and fungal infections, immune system problems
  • Depression, mental health problems, phobias, limiting beliefs and deep-seated emotional trauma
  • Hormonal and reproductive disorders, PMS
  • Joint problems, injuries, muscle tension, poor posture and coordination, TMJ dysfunction
  • Learning disabilities and dyslexia, behavioral problems, anxiety

What is BodyTalk?

  • BodyTalk is a quantum healing therapy.
  • It is the fastest growing healthcare modality in the world today.
  • Designed to stimulate your body’s self-healing mechanism.
  • Brings about fast and long lasting improvements for the mental, physical and the emotional body.
  • Works at the consciousness level and is therefore extremely effective as a remote healing therapy.

How does remote healing work?

  • Remote healing is like wireless technology and works similar to cell phones and the Internet.
  • Quantum physicists have argued for the existence of the zero point field through which everything in the Universe is connected. Importantly, this interconnectedness is independent of time and space. And this interconnectedness is precisely what allows quantum healing therapists, such as BodyTalk practitioners, to perform remote healing effectively.
  • The results from remote healing can be measured through the so called Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP), a devise developed by Dr Thornton Streeter DSc. CEO CBS. PIP is now used worldwide for validating various alternative therapies. It highlights areas of well-being and disease with clear patterns and colours. Clinical data from trials in which the PIP technique was used to measure the level of healing obtained during remote healing sessions showed remarkable measurable differences between the Before and After pictures.
  • In one trial the patient was in India and the practitioner was in Sweden. PIP indicated that the patient responded instantly to the remote healing treatment, and areas highlighted as blocked/diseased before the treatment cleared straight after the treatment. In another trial, remote BodyTalk sessions were sent from Colorado, USA, to subjects at the Center for Biofield Science in Pune, India. In this experiment (conducted by Thornton Streeter DSc., Dr.Ravi Pryag, Dr. Vaibhav Lunkad, MBBS, Don Ka'imi Pilipovich, DAc, LMT, and Shivali Dandekar), the biofield scans reported changes in the biofield of ALL experimental subjects while the BodyTalk remote healing was being performed.
  • For your BodyTalk remote healing session, Adv. Cert. BodyTalk practitioner Vyara Bridgeman uses the quantum healing principles of the BodyTalk System as well as MindScape. MindSape is a set of techniques that allows the brain waves to slow down and go into an Alpha state. In this state the intuition is extremely heightened and all information that exists becomes readily accessible. This is a state where quantum entanglement (i.e. the interconnectedness between everything that exists) becomes more tangible, so it is easy for Vyara to work with you at a distance performing all the balances required as if you were right next to her.

What to expect from your BodyTalk remote healing with Vyara?

  • Make a booking request following the link below. Vyara will respond within 1 business day with times available for your session. She will also send you an electronic invoice payable by Visa or MasterCard through Swipe HQ secure payment gateway.
  • While Vyara is doing the BodyTalk remote healing session, you can go about your day, or sleep.
  • During the session, you may feel subtle sensations in your physical body, or you may experience various types of emotions. If you are sleeping, certain aspects of the healing may come up in your dreams.
  • As soon as the session is done, Vyara will email you a detailed report of all the healing balances performed in the session plus recommendations and advice on how to move forward.

How much does a BodyTalk remote healing cost?

Normally: NZ$ 130
SPECIAL PRICE: ONLY NZ$ 99! until November 25, 2018
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