Breast health and mood swings

Bras, breast health & mood swings

In this BodyTalk 4 Life newsletter, you will learn about the potential harm that can be caused by wearing bras. Read on to find out about the connection between the health of your breasts and the kind of bra you are wearing. Furthermore, reading this will help you understand why women get moody and crave chocolate while most men don’t. If you are a man, this article can help you understand women better.

Breast cancer, mood swings & sugar cravings: important reasons to avoid wearing bras

The main reason why some women wear bras is fear of what gravity could do to their breasts overtime. But if you think that the bra will prevent your breasts from sagging, think again! The principle “Use It or Lose It” applies here like everywhere else. If your breast muscles are constantly being “propped” by external support, overtime they become lazy. As a result, your breasts lose their firmness and well – they sag. The bra not only cannot prevent that but actually can cause the very thing you fear.

In addition, wearing a bra impairs blood circulation to, form and within the breasts. It also impairs lymphatic drainage, which is often the cause for breast lumps, fibrocystic diseases and cancer. If you didn’t wear a bra, the jiggling action of the breasts would assist the circulation and lymphatic drainage. This alone could help reduce the risk of breast cancer tremendously.

Numerous studies of cultures where women don’t wear bras show that cancer and fibrocystic disease are practically non-existent there. One of the first studies done in Australia and USA revealed shocking facts. It reported that women who wore bras 8 to12 hours a day were 40 times more susceptible to cancer than women who didn’t wear bras at all. The same study showed that women who wore bras 24 hours a day were 800 times more susceptible to cancer compared to the ones who didn’t wear bras at all. Subsequent studies from England showed that these figures are actually even higher.

Bras can also have a detrimental effect on your digestion, hormonal balance, sugar cravings and mood swings. All these problems are sometimes caused by the metal wire found in most bras. The wire sets up an electromagnetic field which interferes with the electromagnetic field of the pancreatic reflex point. The pancreatic reflex point is an acupuncture point on the left side of the rib cage, just where the bra wire normally sits. When the magnetic field of the bra wire interferes with the field of the pancreatic reflex point, the result can be devastating to your pancreas. In effect, the digestion can become compromised, the sugar metabolism impaired, and sugar cravings and mood swings can become very pronounced. Bras are indeed one of the reasons why women crave chocolate much more than men do!

If you must wear a bra, choose a cotton one with no wire. Try to wear it as little as possible. Remove it whenever you can – many of us could do without a bra when at home. And remember to always remove it at night!

If your pancreatic reflex point is already disturbed, BodyTalk can help balance that – the BodyTalk protocol offers a special technique which “resets” the pancreatic reflex point. As a result, clients often become calmer and less irritable; some lose the sweet cravings immediately, others more gradually. This balancing technique has the added bonus of integrating the left and the right side of your body. It is great for the digestive system and helps balance the sugar metabolism (hence, this technique often comes up in people with alcohol problems). Although balancing the pancreatic reflex point is usually indicated for female clients, many men benefit from it too!

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