Breathing and holistic health and wellness

Breathing: The #1 ingredient to holistic health and wellness

In this BodyTalk 4 Life newsletter, you will learn about the importance of breathing correctly. Incorrect breathing can often be the sole cause for arthritis, osteoporosis, depression, low self-esteem IBS, poly-cystic ovaries, constipation and many other medical conditions. Read on to find out why.


Achieve holistic health and wellness simply by breathing

Our brain uses the breathing cycle to scan the body for imbalances and sends messages for repair accordingly. Breathing, when done correctly, is also a form of detoxification. Thus, we breathe not only for merely staying alive; the quality of our breathing determines to a large extent the quality of our physical and mental health.

Breathe in to restore hormonal balances!

If you don’t breathe in deeply enough, your brain will not scan the organs and other body parts that have a high frequency of vibration (e.g. the endocrines). Thus, if there is a problem in body areas with high vibratory frequency, it will remain unnoticed and is likely to get worse over time. At some point, things will get bad enough and your innate wisdom will create pain to attract attention. Hormonal imbalances are the most common ones when we don’t breathe in deep enough.

Breathe out for better muscle and joint health !

If you don’t breathe out completely, your brain will not be able to scan the low-frequency parts of your body, such as muscles and bones. Therefore, these areas will not receive sufficient attention and will not be repaired on time. This often results in a number of muscular-skeletal conditions which could largely have been prevented simply by correcting the breathing cycle.

Breathing facilitates emotional release, alleviates depression and constipation, and helps your energy and vitality

If you don’t breathe in fully, you are not allowing yourself to experience life fully: you are not allowing yourself to be inspired and you are holding back. If you don’t breathe out fully, you can’t let go of harmful emotions: you are likely to be holding on to guilt, fear, anger, grief and stress, and you probably don’t allow yourself enough flexibility in thinking. Depression can very often arise from an imbalance in the breathing cycle. Constipation is another common problem and represents our inability to let go (mentally) of the pain from the past. High stress, inability to adapt and compromise, chronic fatigue, and low self-esteem – these are but a few conditions which often go hand in hand with shallow breathing.

What causes restrictions in the breathing cycle?

Sometimes it is physical imbalances (such as injuries) that create blockages in the cranial-sacral structures and inhibit proper breathing. The other most common factor in breathing is our beliefs and the emotional tendencies they lead to. Spending prolonged periods of time in fear, grief, and worry can have a detrimental effect on the breathing cycle.

How can I restore proper breathing long-term?

There are many different ways to improve your breathing. The BodyTalk system recognizes that restoring the breathing cycle is the key to waking up your innate healing mechanism. That’s why BodyTalk offers a number of techniques that have the potential to balance the breathing. These techniques range from emotional release to manipulating blockages in the cranium, spine and sacrum.

Besides BodyTalk, there are many other things you can explore yourself: various types of yoga practices, relaxation and visualization techniques, and guided meditation.

Yet, one of the most effective and by far the simplest method to correct your breathing is simply to breathe deeply and deliberately. Sit up straight with your legs supported on the ground. Take a deep slow inhalation, hold, and exhale deeply and slowly. Do it 10 times in the morning and 10 times in the evening. You will be amazed at how much better you will feel, both mentally and physically!

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