Losing weight makes you smart and rich

Can losing weight make me smart and rich?

The short answer is – yes! Read on to find out how.


Weight loss for success

We all know that excess weight has a negative impact on health and longevity. It is the leading cause for heart disease, inflammation, joint pain and body aches, diabetes and kidney failure, liver disease and metabolic dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, infertility, depression, etc. However, did you know that excess weight can also have a negative effect on your cognitive abilities as well as earning power?

Let’s look at cognition. Excess body fat implies impaired metabolic health and insulin resistance, both of which prevent the brain from getting proper nourishment and circulation. This usually leads to brain fog, depression, lack of clarity, focus and concentration, and memory loss, to name a few. In fact, Alzheimer’s is now being referred to as type 3 diabetes – a condition that goes hand in hand with excess body fat, impaired metabolism and hyper-insulinemia, and affects overall brain function. The good news is that losing weight and burning excess body fat can improve not only your appearance but also reverse metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and diabetes. As a result, the brain starts to function properly, and you can literally become smarter.

Importantly, improving physical appearance is not something to sneer at either. It has long been observed that slim people are more likely to get hired and get a pay-rise compared to overweight people. Yes, beauty and sex does sell, you may say. But it’s actually confidence that does the trick. And since being overweight often leads to low self-esteem, this very lack of self-esteem gets reflected in one’s ability to earn more money and be more successful in life. The truth is, the more confident you are the more likely it is to get hired, ask for a pay rise, or raise your own fees if you are self-employed.

Admittedly, excess weight is not the only factor in low self-worth. But it’s definitely an important one. So if you want to raise your self-esteem AND improve your brain function AND improve your overall health, happiness and chances for prosperity, consider losing some excess body fat. Need help? Here is your 21 day Weight Loss Solution.

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