Can you intuit your future

Can you intuit your future?

Two people receive the same cancer diagnosis. One is a fighter, thinks positively and believes they will survive. And they do. The other one refuses to fight and decides to await death. And sure enough, death comes just in time to strengthen the belief that we all create our own reality with our thoughts.

But do we indeed? What if our thoughts about the future are not always an act of creation? What if sometimes our thoughts simply intuit our (inevitable) future? And how can we distinguish between creative thought and intuition? These are the questions I tackle in the article below.


Creating destiny or awaiting it?

If I am thinking a negative future, am I intuiting the actual future or am I creating a negative one? I think the answer is yes and yes. I believe there are things we can’t change or escape (but we could intuit), and there are things we can manifest with our thoughts.

Although our ego likes to believe that it’s all up to us (or up to someone else, if you resonate with the role of the victim), there are things that we are simply destined to experience no matter what. Quantum physics tells us that nothing can be created or destroyed, everything just is. Quantum physics also tells us that time doesn’t exists (it’s just a brain construct), and the future is now. Thus, if you start a journey in Auckland and you end up in Wellington two days later, although you will experience the two cities in a linear fashion, they both coexist on the map in the past, present and future.

Importantly, according to another quantum physics law reality depends on the observer. Thus, the act of observation changes the outcome in experiments, for instance. More often than not, we see what we expect to see. Partly that’s a filter of course (we tend to project past experiences onto the present and future). But there can also be conscious co-creation where creative thought (not a filter!) manifests in the physical world. And whether we project expectations unconsciously or employ creative conscious thinking, we do indeed end up creating our own, subjective reality.

So now, how can we distinguish between thought manifestation and intuition? How do you know whether the universe is telling you something (intuition), or whether you are saying something to the universe (manifestation)?

In a nutshell, intuition is on a par with receiving whereas thought manifestation is on a par with giving. Intuition has more of a passive energy to it; thought manifestation is more active. Intuition is like meditation; manifestation is like prayer. Importantly, being neutral, non-attached and of service are key in order for both for work in our favor.

Intuition is always blocked by stress, emotional charge and attachment. To be able to intuit, we have to be in a neutral state and to remain non-attached. Usually that’s achieved by relaxing, letting go (of agendas, fears and drama), getting out of the head and dropping more into the body (so we can access the subconscious and the superconscious mind). If you are trying to intuit about another, stay focused on being of service instead of trying to “help”, fix someone or make them happy. Intuition can come in various ways but if you can’t stay neutral about the messages and you are instead getting triggered by them, chances are you have lost your neutrality and you are projecting something rather than really intuiting. Lastly, maintain a receptive state. You are not required to do anything actively to intuit. Simply wait, observe and deliver the message that comes to you (whatever that message might be). The process should feel like meditation.

Manifestation, on the other hand, has more active energy to it and should feel like an act of giving rather than receiving. Nonetheless, neutrality, non-attachment and being of service are again key here if we want manifestation to work in our favor. Otherwise, if we are emotionally charged or affected in some way, we are bringing all sorts of filters and we are manifesting stress and suffering. Note that even if we experience positive emotions, if we are too attached to a particular outcome, we can manifest exactly the opposite. That’s because nature always strives for neutrality and too much attachment to the positive naturally brings about the opposite so we can accept both and move on in peace and non-duality. Note also that if we are coming from a place of “I want” (i.e. expecting to receive), we can sit in a chair wanting a Ferrari as long as we like, yet a Ferrari simply won’t come to us (despite what we were told in The Secret movie). The real secret here is “Give and you shall receive”. So focus on being of service! Pray for the greater good of all and for universal healing (without being attached to what that may look like). Give love, compassion, understanding and blessings to everyone and everything. And that’s how you manifest good for yourself as well.

To illustrate the above, here is an amazing story by Dr Alberto Villolo that I will never get tired of sharing: Dr Villolo is in the Amazon with a Shamanic healer and they are waiting for a bus in the heat. Hours pass by, no bus is coming. Dr Villolo decides to use the power of intention and starts visualizing a bus pulling up with two available seats. Four hours later still no bus. Finally, Dr Villolo says to his companion: “You know, I obviously can’t do it. Why don’t you use your methods and get us a bus?” The Shaman healer turns around and notices that the land is in need of water, so he starts praying for rain. An hour later rain comes just as a bus pulls around the corner. Indeed, giving is the true secret to manifestation.

In conclusion, whether you would like to intuit your predictable future or participate intelligently in its creation, neutrality, detachment, and service are key for a successful outcome. Do your best in staying non-attached and being of service, and you will be healed (whether you die from cancer or live through it).

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