Consciousness, BodyTalk and self-healing

Consciousness, BodyTalk and self-healing

In this BodyTalk 4 Life newsletter, I explain how BodyTalk stimulates the cells in your body to stop replicating old sick memories and helps them return to health and wellness. Read on to find out more about the connection between, consciousness, awareness and self-healing and how BodyTalk utilizes this connection in order to bring about holistic healing for the mind and body.


Increased awareness leads to self-healing

Anything that reduces awareness and increases stress leads to disease. The opposite also holds: anything that increases awareness, leads to promoting the self-healing mechanism and reduces stress and disease. In BodyTalk, we rely completely on the innate ability of organisms to self-heal. We enhance the self-healing mechanism by decreasing stress and increasing awareness about what needs to be repaired.

Cells replicate the old sick memory when they regenerate

We have a highly intelligent self-adjusting system: new liver every week; new skin every month; new blood every 4 months. Why then do we have to treat conditions like cirrhosis, eczema, leukemia, and migraines for years? Because the cells replicate the memory. Through BodyTalk, we give your cells a new idea (new memory) so that when they regenerate, they no longer replicate the old condition. Instead, they can now let go of their former baggage and begin living the idea of a new healthy life.

How BodyTalk helps your cells let go of the old sick memory

“BodyTalk puts into practice what we scientists theorize.”
Dr Bruce Lipton, PhD, cellular biologist, author of “The Biology of Belief”

BodyTalk is integrative medicine based on quantum healing principles. Everybody who has had BodyTalk knows that it utilizes tapping the head, the heart and the gut. Tapping overcomes inertia and helps align the physical world with the energetic world.

Tapping the head activates the nervous system and brings areas of priority to the attention of the brain.

Tapping the heart is crucial in a BodyTalk treatment. The heart has a huge electromagnetic field which we have been able to measure already for quite some time. The electromagnetic field of the heart represents who we are. Every cell in our body aligns itself with the information field of the heart. In BodyTalk, we tap the heart while giving it a new idea about who you are, e.g., “I am safe and don’t need extra fat to protect myself”, “My immune system can recognize microbes”, etc. By tapping “in” the new idea, we help shift the heart’s electromagnetic field. At the same time, we tap “out” the old idea (e.g. “I am angry”, “My liver is sick”, etc.). Once the field has shifted in order to represent the new idea, all the cells in the body align themselves with the new field and will no longer replicate the old sick memory. Similarly, imagine pins on a sheet of paper and let them represent your cells. Their current order is who you are. Now imagine you have a magnet and let it represent the new thought of who you are. When you put the magnet underneath the sheet of paper, there is a change in the electromagnetic field. The pins will start shuffling around to align themselves with the new field, i.e., the new idea of who you are. Tapping the sheet will help overcome inertia and will thus speed up the alignment process.

Your disease is just an idea

A person with multiple personalities may have cancer with one personality and be completely cancer-free in another personality, even though the body is the same. People with multiple personality disorders can change the colour of their eyes as they flip from one personality to another. They can have scars show up in one personality and the moment they switch to another personality, the scar disappears instantaneously. Allergies disappear in the very same way – even if a person’s allergy is so strong that they go into anaphylactic shock in one personality, the allergy completely disappears when the same person assumes another personality.  These well documented facts clearly show that disease is really just an idea!

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