Digestion, laughter and longevity

Digestion, laughter and longevity

In this BodyTalk4Life newsletter you will find some very interesting information about how you can reverse aging by making simple changes to your eating habits. You will also find out about the relationship between the speed at which you eat and your weight. Last but not least, our happy clients share with you how BodyTalk helped them with their food cravings. I am sure you will find this information very helpful and enlightening, so keep reading!


You are what you eat

You are what you eat so if you don’t know what you eat, do you really know who you are?

Digesting – the primary cause of aging

According to Bruce Lipton, PhD, digesting is the primary cause of aging. Everything introduced into your body through the mouth has to be digested at some level. During the process of digestion, the formation and release of free radicals is imminent. These free radicals “attack” your cells and are not only the cause of disease – they are also a primary cause of aging! Thus, your eating habits alone can make you look older by the day.

Change your eating habits and look younger!

What you eat can have a profound effect on how you age. Certain foods naturally contain antioxidants in the form of various vitamins. Antioxidants bind free radicals thus preventing damage on a cellular level. Therefore, if you chose foods that are rich in antioxidants (such as vitamin C and vitamin E), you would spend far less time in front of the mirror worrying about your wrinkles. Conversely, if you consume fried food, fast foods, preservatives, tinned food, refined sugar, protein bars, protein shakes, and other similar modern inventions, you don’t even have to smoke cigarettes to “enjoy” ill effects. In fact, such foods could probably kill you faster than smoking tobacco. At the very least, processed foods are guaranteed to damage the tissues and will certainly age you pretty quickly. To avoid that, you should eat your fruit and vegetables!

HOW you eat is even more important than WHAT you eat!

If you eat on the run, when you are under stress, or when you are depressed, the food will cause even more stress and depression, even if it is “good” food. Every time you put something in your mouth, you affect the whole endocrine system in your body. In other words, taking even just one bite affects the total hormonal balance in your body. If you are already in a state of imbalance (e.g. if you have too many stress hormones in your system), eating in a stressful setting will worsen your state and will often cause you to put on weight!

The slower you eat the less you weigh!

Ideally, you should always eat in a relaxed atmosphere. A good belly laugh before each meal has the potential to turn on some 200 good genes in your body, it will assist in stabilizing your blood sugar levels, and enhance both your digestion and your metabolism. Furthermore, you should engage all your senses while eating: observe the food on your plate and study the colours; smell the food; feel the texture in your mouth; slowly start chewing while being totally present to give your body good nutrients and help your own vitality. Last but not least, chew the food until it is liquid!!! This will facilitate digestion and elimination; you will naturally detoxify your body and guess what! – As a result, you will not only look younger, but you will also become slimmer! Even if you practice this for one meal a day, you will soon notice the positive effects. The more you practice, the more the weight will fall off naturally while your emotional state becomes more and more stable at the same time.

What can you do when you crave sugar?

Sugar cravings can have many causes: an imbalance in the spleen and/or the pancreas, poor liver function, too much worry, too much anger, too much thinking, emotional starvation, traumatic memories, poor self-image, scars, living in a damp climate and much more. It is not easy to know exactly why you crave sugar and often the reasons are very complex. That is why self-diagnosis is rarely effective.

Can BodyTalk curb my sugar cravings?

Yes, BodyTalk certainly has the potential to balance your system in a way that manifests itself as disappearance of sugar cravings. If the amount of sugar you crave and eat is at the root of critical imbalances in your system, then dealing with that could be of highest priority for you. If that is the case, it will be indicated by your innate wisdom during your BodyTalk session. Once we address the cause for your cravings, they normally subside or disappear altogether.

Happy Client: No more chocolate cravings!

“Hi, Vyara! Thanks again for another great session… Definitely some stuff is shifting… chocolate is not really appealing to me now. I had a bit of chocolate ice cream at the beach today but did not finish it as it didn’t taste that great. Later today I had some trail mix that had some chocolate in it and same thing. I did not enjoy it…”


Laugh more, age well!

Experiments show that diabetics who watch comedies and have a good dose of laughter before they eat, are able to maintain stable blood sugar levels even if they eat meals rich in fast carbohydrates. Laughter and positive attitude towards life are also experimentally shown to strengthen the immune system, even when people eat a less balanced diet. Therefore – laugh more and your body will thank you!

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