Allopathic doctors, distant healing and prayer

Distant healing: Allopathic doctors incorporate prayer in their medical practice

In this BodyTalk 4 Life newsletter, you will learn about the current trends in conventional modern medicine, as reported at the last conference “Science, Consciousness and Spirituality”. Prepare to be blown away as you read about medical doctors who now widely incorporate prayer in their practice. Also, learn a secret or two about the famous water crystal experiments by Dr Masaru Emoto – yet again tapping proves to be the key to creating a shift!


Distant healing: The medicine of the future is here now!

Doctors recognize the quantum healing laws and include prayer in their medical practice

“If medicine doesn’t include spirituality, it can no longer be considered scientific”. This expert opinion was offered by Dr Larry Dossey at the “Science, Consciousness and Spirituality” conference, which took place in Auckland in October this year. Dr Larry Dossey is a trained medical physician who has been studying the power of prayer in healing. Dr Dossey reported that a large number of doctors have begun to incorporate prayer in their practice after reviewing studies that show the effectiveness of prayer.

Modern medicine, explained Dr Dossey, has evolved through 3 distinct stages. During its first stage, modern medicine was all about surgery and medication. In its second stage, modern medicine opened up to things like hypnotherapy, imagery, meditation, visualization and yoga. We have now entered the third stage (or “Era III Medicine”, as Dr Dossey calls it) – the era of consciousness-based medicine. This includes prayer, distance healing and of course – BodyTalk, which is the most up-to date, state-of-the-art consciousness-based medicine.

Consciousness is non-local, it transcends time and space. Hence distance healing, whether offered through prayer or BodyTalk, is just as effective regardless of time and space. Era III medicine does not require the active involvement and understanding on the patient’s behalf. It requires consciousness observation, which is best done by a trained practitioner and does not have to be local (i.e. can very easily be done from a distance).

Whereas prayer tends to be general and usually aims at healing surface symptoms, BodyTalk is extremely specific about what needs to shift and goes deep down to the root of the problem. In a way, BodyTalk can be thought of as a very detailed prayer with the added advantage of tapping, which helps lock the shifts in the bodymind of the patient. One scientific paper that discusses trials with distant BodyTalk and its effectiveness for reducing chronic pain and emotional symptoms is Evaluation of BodyTalk, a Novel Mind-Body Medicine, for Chronic Pain Treatment.

Tapping and healing

Most of you are familiar with the water experiments designed by Japanese researcher Dr Masaru Emoto. In these experiments, water is blessed with gratitude or “cursed” with harsh words. The researchers then freeze the water and take pictures of the crystals it forms. As it turns out, the crystals formed closely correspond to the intention projected onto the water – if the water is blessed, it forms the most beautiful crystals; if the water is cursed, it forms rather ugly crystals.

What most of you probably don’t know is that Dr Emoto could only get the results from his experiments on one condition – the vials of water had to be tapped on! When the technicians tapped on the water, the intention could be successfully transferred and stored in the water molecules. If the technicians didn’t tap on the vials, they couldn’t take any pictures of crystals at all.

A form of tapping is also used in homeopathy. A homeopathic remedy is a highly diluted water solution with only a small trace of an active drug. In order for a homeopathic remedy to work, it has to be shaken vigorously so that all the water can take in the information already encoded in the active drug molecule. Now picture this – if a machine does the shaking, the remedy doesn’t work! Yet again, we see the power of conscious observation – in order for any change to occur, there has to be someone to observe it.

In BodyTalk, we tap the body to facilitate a shift in the bodymind of the patient. The human body is about 80% water. So in a way, we imprint the new information into your bodymind as we tap out the links that your body needs to store in order to resort to mental and physical wellbeing. The clearer the intention while tapping, the more powerful the shift is. That’s why it is very important to find out exactly what information needs to be tapping into the bodymind. In a BodyTalk session this is achieved through the use of neuromuscular biofeedback which helps the practitioner to get to the root of the problem and tap in the information that is most relevant to you.

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