Distant Healing Scientific Experiments

Distant healing scientific experiments

Find out more about distance healing, how it works and why it works. These are some fascinating experimental data that show how highly effective distance healing can be.

Distance healing: How can it be possible?

If you haven’t yet experienced BodyTalk from a distance, you are probably skeptical about the effectiveness of distant treatments. If you have already received distant BodyTalk sessions, chances are you find them just as effective as your in-person treatments. In fact, many of my distant clients think their distant treatments can even be more effective than the sessions in the clinic – this is possibly due to the fact that in a distant session you can get out of your own way more easily.

Is there any objective proof that distant healing works? A vast amount of scientific research has been dedicated to finding out just how effective distance healing can be. The US Institute of Noetic Sciences alone has designed hundreds of experiments. I will share a couple of them here and let you draw your own conclusions.

In a very simple experiment, Mary is in a room which is electromagnetically shielded. John is in another room, also electromagnetically shielded. John and Mary can’t see each other, they can’t hear each other and they have no way of communicating. They have no idea what the other person is supposed to be doing either. Marry is just sitting and relaxing, while her autonomic nervous system is being monitored and her physiological responses are being recorded. At random intervals, John is shown a picture of Mary on a TV screen and is asked to stare at her. Even though Mary has no idea that someone is staring at her image at random intervals, her autonomic nervous system responds accordingly: change is detected in several measurable physiological factors when John stares at her image. By and large, Mary does not consciously become aware of being stared at but the physiological changes she displayed are undeniable nonetheless.

The experiment described above shows that we are interconnected and that distance cannot come in the way of our interconnectedness. In the following experiment, scientists set out to find out whether this interconnectedness can be used for healing purposes.

Patients with cardiac distress at Duke University Medical Centre were divided into five groups. All five groups received the best of standard medical care. In addition, four of the five groups also received alternative healing. The four types of alternative healing used were: guided imagery, progressive relaxation, therapeutic touch and distant healing. At the end of the trial, the results showed that the patients in the four groups that received alternative treatments in addition to the standard medical care did better than the patients in the group that received standard medical care alone. Of the four groups that received alternative therapies, the one that stood out the most was the group that received distance healing – these patients did remarkably well. What’s more, the group of patients who received distant healing was further divided into two subgroups. In one subgroup the distant healers received distant healing themselves, i.e. the healers were prayed for by other people while giving distant healing to the cardiac patients. The patients whose distant healers were prayed for showed by far the most remarkable improvement. (So if you are a caregiver, it is important that you have someone who looks after you as well – this will be beneficial not only to you but also to your patient.)

Clearly, we can use the existence of interconnectedness to our healing benefit. Even if you are not trained in any healing modality, sending positive intention and love from a distance (i.e. the good old prayer for health) can have a healing effect on the receiver no matter where they are. Of course using a modality like BodyTalk can be even more effective because it is much more focused and specific than sending a general prayer for well being. One of the scientific papers that discusses trials with distant BodyTalk and its effectiveness for reducing chronic pain and emotional symptoms is Evaluation of BodyTalk, a Novel Mind-Body Medicine, for Chronic Pain Treatment.

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