Does BodyTalk work for everyone

Does BodyTalk work for everyone?

In this BodyTalk 4 Life newsletter I address some of the factors that influence your success with BodyTalk treatments. Read on to find out why some people improve immediately after a BodyTalk session while for others it takes a long time before they notice the results.


Does BodyTalk work for everyone?

Why do some people improve immediately after a BodyTalk session and others don’t? Does BodyTalk work for everybody? These are questions that both clients and practitioners keep asking. In what follows, I will do our best to explain why that is so.

Imagine a sack full of stones of different shape, size and weight. Let this represent your life experiences that have affected you in a stressful way. We are talking about all the physical and emotional traumas, all the toxins and all the negative and limited thinking patterns that have been part of your life, be it consciously or subconsciously. In other words, this sack is your “baggage”. It creates blockages that lead to mental, emotional and physical disease.

The presence of disease is a motivating factor for change. Usually, when the pain reaches a threshold, the person is ready to start a cleansing process. The readiness for change can be symbolically represented as the appearance of a small hole in one corner of the sack full of stones. This hole may be big enough so a few small stones may fall out on their own but most of the stones will need a push to get out. If you start tapping on the sack, that will facilitate the emptying process. That’s why we use tapping in BodyTalk – tapping helps you clean out of your stones (your baggage, that is). The more you keep tapping (i.e. receive regular BodyTalk sessions), the more stones will fall out. Tapping will also help break down some of the very big stones so they can get out more easily. On the whole, you will continually feel lighter, happier and healthier.

How long will it take before you feel a positive change as a result of your BodyTalk sessions? That is entirely dependent on your own sack of stones, on their size and on how big an opening you have created in the sack (i.e. how ready are you to shift). Your symptoms may be stones at the bottom of the sack, so in order to get to them we may need to do quite a lot of emptying beforehand. Or they may be too big stones that can’t readily fall out through the hole, so we may need to break them down first. Or you may simply not be ready to let go, in which case the hole in the sack will be very small at the start. In such cases, we may have quite a lot of work to do and it may take a while before you notice a change. Importantly, if you are not shifting quickly enough with BodyTalk, this is all the more reason to want it more: obviously, you could really use some help to stir up your internal pot and help you start letting go of the blockages.

In summary, BodyTalk works for everybody, though not everybody may notice it immediately. It is entirely up to you as to how quickly you will shift. We have seen people responding positively in a matter of hours. Interestingly enough, such people may not be in that much need of BodyTalk, either because they have a cleaner start or because they are so ready to shift, they hardly need any tapping. For the rest of us whose symptoms persist, don’t get discouraged! Every time we tap, we create a shift, however small and unnoticeable it may be. In time, the accumulation of small shifts will reach a threshold and the stones will start falling out more rapidly.

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