Epigenetics and positive thinking

Epigenetics: Positive thinking turns on healthy genes

In this newsletter, you will find out how your thoughts can turn on and off your genes, and thus directly influence your physiological state. Read on to learn about the most common cause for allergies and other diseased states, and what you can do to alleviate them.

The science of epigenetics: “Positive thinking turns on healthy genes; Negative beliefs turn on faulty genes”

Your thinking determines your DNA expression. Every time you have a thought, your brain produces a chemical (called neuropeptide) which rapidly floods the blood stream and causes you to feel a certain way. There are many types of neuropeptides which correspond to different thoughts and generate a variety of feelings.

When you have a happy thought, your blood stream becomes saturated with happy chemicals (the so called endorphins) which make you feel happy. In addition, positive thoughts can turn on some 200 “good” genes in the body, which results in healing, growth and repair.

When you entertain miserable thoughts, your brain sends “unhappy” chemicals into your blood, and they cause you to feel miserable. In addition, these chemicals can turn on “bad” genes which compromise your health.

You can become addicted to your feelings

Because the brain chemicals target receptors in your cells, if you continually entertain the same thought, the receptors that bind to the corresponding chemical will get used to it and become hungry for more. That will force your brain to keep thinking the same thoughts so you can keep producing the same chemicals in order to satiate the hungry receptors. As a result, your body becomes addicted to your current thought processes and the corresponding chemicals and feelings that they generate. The same principle applies to drug addiction, food and alcohol addiction, etc.

Positive thinking, negative beliefs & allergies

If you think that the world is a scary place, and you feel unsafe in your environment, your immune system can become overactive to try and protect you from everything out there. In such situations, even things that are not harmful can be misread by your immune system. As a result, your body reacts by putting up a fight against harmless substances (e.g. milk, gluten, etc.). If you could only change your beliefs and start entertaining new ideas and thoughts, then your chances of healing would increase dramatically.

You really are what you think

People who suffer from the so called “multiple personality disorder” clearly demonstrate that we are what we think. In cases of multiple personality, the same person can be severely allergic to peanuts when they function under one personality; but as soon as they “flip” to another personality the allergy completely disappears! Similarly, cancerous tumors show up in one personality and they disappear completely when the same body assumes a different personality. This is a clear demonstration of the fact that our body physiology is practically controlled by our thinking.

BodyTalk can shift negative beliefs through quantum healing principles

BodyTalk is a form of integrative medicine based on quantum healing principles. Thus, it offers a number of balancing techniques that can help you shift your perception and your thinking. We use tapping on the head and on the heart to help the shift. The importance of tapping is enormous. It creates an interference pattern with the electromagnetic fields of the brain and the heart. These two electromagnetic fields represent the sum total of your current conscious and subconscious thoughts. The interference pattern created through tapping allows you to interrupt your current thoughts. The tapping on the brain literary interferes with who you currently are, and helps encode new ideas and new thinking patterns. The tapping on the heart complex helps store these ideas. The heart then pumps out the new information to every cell of your body through the blood circulation. Thus, the new ideas reach every cell of your being, and this allows for shifts on a cellular level. As a result, your body physiology can change dramatically.

For more info on how your thoughts control your genes, read “The Biology of Belief” by Dr Bruce Lipton.

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