Epigenetics: How to change your genes, your looks & your life

In this BodyTalk 4 Life newsletter, you will learn how you can change your genes, your looks, and much more! You come to this world with a set of genes but they need to be activated and it is your thoughts that can activate them. Happy thoughts turn on good genes, whereas unhappy thoughts turn on bad genes. Below we will explore how exactly this is done and what you can do in order to be able to control your genes.

You will also be able to read a true story about one person’s drastic change of genetic make up. I hope you find that interesting and useful.


Epigenetic control is real! You don’t need a plastic surgery to change your looks!

If you are familiar with Dr Bruce Lipton’s work, you would know that beliefs influence the receptor sites in our cells as a result of which different genes are turned on or off. You come to this world with a set of genes but they need to be activated and it is your thoughts that can activate them.

When you have a happy thought, your brain produces happy chemicals. These chemicals bind to certain receptors which in turn activate a number of genes in your body. A good dose of laughter can turn on some 200 “good” genes which have a positive effect on your blood sugar, blood pressure, blood clotting, cholesterol, digestion, breathing, weight loss and many other physiological markers.

Conversely, when you have sad and depressive thoughts your brain produces chemicals that can turn on “bad” genes. Viruses practically feed on beliefs by virtue of the fact that beliefs influence the cells’ receptor sites. Not surprisingly then, there is a lot of research in the medical field today to show that most diseases have a viral load to them. And most viruses thrive on anger in particular.

Your beliefs are encoded in your facial features, your body chemistry, your body odour, and much more! Changing your beliefs can result in changing your looks – no plastic surgery needed! That’s why children who are adopted start to look like their adoptive parents. The kids adopt their parents’ beliefs and that shapes their looks. Furthermore, adoptive children have the same probability of manifesting their adoptive parents’ diseases as biological kids would. Again – that shows us that our generic makeup is being shaped constantly as we go along based on our belief systems.

People who suffer the so called “multiple personality disorder” show disease in one personality and health in another. Moles, tumours, allergies, tremors, cysts and many other conditions disappear from the body instantaneously when a switch in personality occurs. Why? Because beliefs are at the bases of any given personality. As soon as you change to a different set of beliefs (i.e. switch to a different personality), you have activated a different set of genes and your physiology will change automatically. Similarly, tumours disappear and spontaneous healings occur very often in people with dementia. As they forget who they are and let go of their identity, their DNA changes almost instantaneously.

So, to change your current genetic make up, all you need to do is change your thoughts. And to change your thought you would have to change your subconscious beliefs. There are number of different therapies that are designed to communicate directly with the subconscious mind and facilitate changes on a subconscious level. Psych-K, Kinesiology, and BodyTalk are precisely such modalities with the BodyTalk System possibly being the only system to date to be able to link your beliefs directly to your genetic expression.

If you are reluctant to do therapy, you can help yourself by practicing self-awareness. Question yourself every time you have an expectation/demand and when your buttons are pushed. Whenever you feel uncomfortable, assume that you are wrong and the other person is right (that’s most likely the case anyway!). Question every truth that you possibly know and assume it is actually false. That will be a good start to shake off some of the rigid beliefs you may have.

True Story

A BodyTalk colleague of mine had some genetic testing done 7 years ago. Her sister had cancer so they were investigating my colleague as a potential donor. The tests determined that while my colleague was not the perfect donor, there was still enough compatibility. The transplant surgery didn’t take place immediately, the medical decision was to wait and try other options. About 3 years ago they raised the possibility for a transplant again, so my colleague needed to repeat the genetic tests. Imagine the surprise when this time the tests showed absolutely no compatibility whatsoever! The doctors couldn’t believe that the DNA could change so dramatically. This is practically impossible if you follow conventional textbooks. But of course, if you have knowledge about epigenetic control, you would understand that our genes change as we evolve our thinking and change our beliefs. My colleague has not only been practicing BodyTalk for years, she’s also received numerous sessions and done a lot of personal development work. Therefore, her genetic makeup could not possibly have stayed the same over the years.

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