21 días para optimizar el sueño – disponible solo en inglés


(English) Sleep deprivation predicts all-cause mortality – the less you sleep the shorter you live.
Impaired sleep quality also predicts all-cause mortality – the more superficial and interrupted your sleep, the shorter you live.
The good news – sleep is a trained behavior. You can and you must train yourself to sleep long enough and well enough.
This 21 day experience will help you do exactly that!



  • This is your ultimate solution for sleep optimization!

  • Four video tutorials: state-of-the-art information and practices to help you optimize your sleep.

  • Four step-by-step “how to” manuals for a complete sleep solution: techniques, exercises and energy balances for you to follow during this 21-day sleep optimization process and beyond.

  • Unlimited expert support via email. Send all your questions to: vyara@BodyTalk4Life.com

Module 1: Breaking the vicious cycle, recalibrating the circadian rhythm

Sleep-deprived people are usually trapped in a vicious cycle: For instance, the more stressed you are the poorer your sleep, and the poorer your sleep the more stressed you become. Now you can replace stress with body pain and aches, inflammation, chronic illness, hormonal imbalances, menopausal symptom, high blood pressure, obesity, anxiety, depression, bad habits, etc. Each one of those conditions impairs sleep (both its quality and quantity), and lack of good quality sleep loops back and worsens said conditions.

Breaking the vicious cycle you may be in and recalibrating your circadian rhythm is the focus for this first module. A video tutorial and a step-by-step “how to” manual will break down for you a very efficient method to optimize sleep. You will learn how to avoid crashes and enjoy even energy and amazing mental and physical performance throughout the entire day. You will also learn what to do after a sleepless night (e.g. a late night out) to minimize the damage and not feel like a zombie the following day (or potentially the following week).

Module 2: Deepening sleep for maximum benefits

It’s not only about how long we sleep, it’s also about what quality of sleep we are getting. Deep and uninterrupted sleep is required for optimal physical performance, immune system function, cardio-vascular function, weight loss, brain detoxification and cognitive abilities, etc.

In this module you will learn how you can increase the quality of your sleep by generating deeper sleep. You will learn what to do if: you take forever to go down; you wake up frequently at night and/or can’t go back to sleep easily; you feel like you are dosing rather than sleeping deeply and you wake up feeling tired and uninspired. A video tutorial and a step-by-step “how to” manual will break down strategies and techniques to help you go down quickly and generate deep and uninterrupted sleep that leaves you energized, refreshed and healthier each morning.

Module 3: Sleep sophistication – quantum techniques for mastering sleep

Technically, we cannot “bank” sleep, i.e. if you sleep 10 hours today you can’t save the extra 2-3 hour of sleep as future credit. Likewise, if you have a sleepless night, you can’t make up for it by sleeping more the next day. However, anything is possible in the quantum world and we will explore such limitless possibilities in this third module.

A video tutorial and a step-by-step “how to” manual will explain and teach you quantum methods, meditation and visualization hacks as well as relaxation techniques for a more sophisticated fine-tuning of your sleep architecture. There is a way to trick your nervous system to quickly recover from lack of sleep, and you will learn what that is in this module.

Module 4: Shift work, babies and their mums, teenagers and jet-lag

Getting enough good quality sleep is even more important for someone who is doing shift work, nursing a baby, going through puberty or travelling through different time zones. All of these special cases are addressed in this module. A video tutorial and a “how-to” manual focus on strategies and techniques you can use to offset some of the negative effects on the body imposed by such circumstances. Importantly, if you fall into one of these categories, the information in the previous modules is still extremely relevant, and you are advised to go through all teaching material in this course for best results.

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