¿Cómo conseguirlo todo sin hacer nada? La conexión entre la respiración y la sanación

La traducción española estará disponible pronto. In this BodyTalk 4 Life newsletter you will learn about ways of optimizing your health, well-being and your performance quite literary by doing nothing. All you need is knowledge about the importance of breathing and tools to help you restore your breathing cycle. If you are interested in achieving holistic healing simply by breathing, … Leer más

Lo malo y lo bueno que no sabías sobre el café

La traducción española estará disponible pronto. In this article I discuss the pros and the cons of drinking coffee and give you the tools to determine whether coffee will help you or harm you. Vyara Is coffee good or bad for you? I often say to my clients that it is not important what we do, rather WHY we do … Leer más

La linfa: El secreto de la longevidad

La traducción española estará disponible pronto. This BodyTalk 4 Life newsletter is about lymph and its role in health, wellness and longevity. You will learn why lymph is so important for our circulatory system, our immune system, our mental and emotional health, and our energy levels. You will also learn about the Veltheim Method of lymphatic drainage – a highly … Leer más

Cómo mantenerse sano y feliz en invierno

La traducción española estará disponible pronto. Winter is now here. For many that means fatigue and lack of motivation to go out and do things. We tend to spend more time at home in front of the TV. We exercise less and eat more. Hence, many grow increasingly unhappy with their weight gain during the winter period. Depression, stagnation and … Leer más