Oneness blessing and brain potential

Experience the Oneness Blessing: Wake up your brain and start living to your highest potential!

This article is about my personal experience with the Oneness University and the great results from incorporating the Oneness Blessing into my practice to help patients suffering a wide range of physical and emotional complaints. Read on to find out how exactly the Oneness Blessing causes changes in the distribution of the energy within the brain, thus affecting the hormonal system and regulating all of the body’s vital functions.


The Oneness Blessing wakes up the brain and activates the self-healing mechanism

I always look for innovative, holistic and non-invasive ways to optimize the body’s self-healing mechanism. Thus, in 2009 I came across the Oneness University and the Oneness Movement. After doing one of their courses and receiving the Oneness Blessing a few times, I started sensing some major shifts in my consciousness. Consequently, I was able to expand my clinic practice effortlessly; Things started happening for me whenever I needed them – much more so than previously in my life; I found myself more and more in the right place at the right time, connecting with the right people and moving forward in life with ease and grace. The more I received the blessing, the more connected I felt with everything around me. The more connected I felt to others, the more I wanted to be able to make this experience available to everybody who wanted it.

While I was going through these very real and obvious shifts, the scientist in me kept inquiring. I have very strong academic background in cognitive sciences. I also did PhD research in formal linguistics for 6 years. All of a sudden, I start receiving a blessing and my life comes together beautifully. How is that possible? I don’t even have particularly strong religious background after all! What’s so special about somebody placing their hands on my head and doing nothing but letting Grace come through (whatever that means)? As much as I tried resisting the urge to understand it all, the scientist in me kept nagging. Eventually I decided to do my “due diligence” and read up a little on that Oneness Blessing. Imagine my surprise to find out that there had been quite substantial scientific research done on it!

The Oneness Blessing phenomenon started in the 80’s in India. The Oneness Blessing is a form of hands-on energy transfer that affects the brain. Since early 2008, scientific studies have been conducted at major universities in the United States on the effects of the Oneness Blessing. From these studies, we know that the Blessing seems to create a neurobiological shift on the brain of the receiver resulting in a state of inner peace, connection, joy, and higher level of awareness. The neurological shift in the receiver’s brain is scientifically measured as reduced activity in the reptilian brain (which is the “doing” brain related to habits). At the same time, increased brain activity is registered in the frontal cortex as well as the parietal lobes (associated with thinking, awakening and awareness).

Benefits commonly associated with the neurological shift created by the Oneness Blessing include:
• Opening the doors of consciousness
• Awaken Intelligence
• Enhanced memory retention
• Increased ability to learn
• Better hemispheric synchronization
• Ability to experience love in relationships
• Ability to heal hurts
• Increased listening abilities
• Experience of compassion and affection
• Increased vitality
• Improved metabolic activity
• Relaxation
• Increased self-acceptance
• Ability to experience auspicious energies
• Ability to develop prosperity consciousness
• Removal of blocks that hinder success
• Ability to create a mental frame for abundance

Although the Oneness Blessing is not about healing per se, healing can occur as a result of the shift in awareness that it creates. During the last decade, the Oneness Blessing has been used in medical facilities located in various countries all over the world to support treatments for a variety of conditions. These include chronic pain, inflammatory diseases, infertility, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. Many physicians (including surgeons), acupuncturist and homeopaths choose to undergo the process to become Blessing Givers and incorporate the Oneness Blessing into their practice. The Oneness Blessing has also been successfully incorporated in business organizations with phenomenal results.

Dr. Craig Wagstaff is a naturopathic physician in Vancouver, trained in Western medicine and Chinese acupuncture. He has witnessed great results from incorporating the Oneness Blessing and helping patients suffering from hypertension, diabetes, inflammation and emotional disorders, to name but a few. He feels that the Blessing causes changes in the distribution of the energy within the brain, which affects the hormonal system, regulating all of the body’s vital functions. This correlates with better immune function, improved sleep, and better regenerative ability – in other words, enhanced state of awareness and therefore improved ability to self-heal.

After reading all the phenomenal success stories, and of course after experiencing my own success with the Oneness Blessing, I underwent a process that allowed me to be able to transfer this beautiful healing energy. I now offer the Oneness Blessing to my BodyTalk clients and other people who want to experience it.

The Oneness Blessing is safe. It is given by placing hands on the top of the receiver’s head for 60-90 seconds, followed by an integration process of 5-10 min where the receiver is lying down relaxed. For best results, while receiving the blessing you are advised to keep your focus on something you would like to manifest in your life. This could be healing a relationship, enjoying perfect health, etc. The effect of the Oneness Blessing is cumulative – the more you receive it, the more frontal lobe brain activity will be promoted. This leads to increased consciousness and awareness, which in turn helps you tune into abundance, prosperity and all the good in life.

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