Gain without pain

Gain without pain

No one likes problems and obstacles. And you know, there is another way of getting to you goal, without too much sweat and hard work. Life can be much easier and much more effortless if you apply the “gain without pain” rule, as described below.


The “gain without pain” rule

Generally speaking, the more importance you place on something, the harder it will be to obtain it. This is because importance creates attachments and whenever we are too attach to something, the universe tries to bring up exactly the opposite so we can come to neutral and restore a state of true balance.

To put it in another way – importance feeds obstacles. The more importance you give to something, the more obstacles you create for yourself. If you don’t want obstacles, then you need to reduce the level of importance you place on the things you are trying to achieve.

Do not try to overcome obstacles! Reduce their importance instead! That’s how you gain without pain.

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