Get unstuck move forward

Get unstuck, move forward!

Have you thought of what faculties we humans possess to help us get unstuck and move forward? We have the emotions for exactly that purpose. Thought alone, without any emotion, is incapable of driving us. Thought coupled with an intense emotion though – that’s a force that can make us or break us! If you want to learn more about the power of emotions, keep reading.


Liberating stuck energy from unprocessed emotions to move forward

Emotions are energy in motion. They are a powerful energy generator and a potent vehicle for manifestation. Any thought, coupled with an intense enough emotion, can turn into reality.

There are no good or bad emotions; there are good ways and bad ways to digest emotions. Our ability to process emotions determines the degree to which we are capable of moving forward and the speed at which we do so.

Of course, everyone is all too familiar with the uplifting effect of positive emotions – they help improve our health and our life in countless ways. Positive emotions turn our dreams into reality and propel us forward.

On the flip side, the so called “negative” emotions can keep us stuck, heavy, sick and dissatisfied. But that is only the case if the negative emotions are not getting processed and get stuck themselves. When processed appropriately, the “negative” emotions can in fact liberate us and help us move on.

Take sadness and grief, for instance. If you often feel stuck in the past, you most certainly have trouble processing sadness and grief. Importantly, grief is not just the emotion we experience when we lose someone. Grief is the emotion we experience every time we cling to an unhealthy attachment (e.g. a habit) that is no longer useful or necessary. Inability to process sadness and grief reinforces unhealthy thoughts, habits and addictions that keep us in the past. Conversely, processing sadness and grief intelligently helps dissolve the habits and thoughts no longer useful, and allows us to move on. I once heard somewhere that Grief is Love that has nowhere to go. Indeed, processing grief can help us fall in love with something new, with the future, with a novel possibility; it can help us start a new dance with life.

Next, let’s look at another “negative” emotion, namely fear. Fear is the mother of control and anxiety, and the father of decisive action. Unprocessed fear (of something bad happening, of making a mistake, etc.) always keeps us stuck. It prevents us from taking action. In fact, intense fear can paralyze the nervous system and lead to muscular and organ degeneration and atrophy.  If we process fear in an intelligent way, however, we are instantly propelled towards action, achievement and success. We can let go of control, replace fear with excitement, and embrace the future in faith and positivity.

And finally, we have anger. Anger is your body’s natural attempt to get you unstuck. It is a major moving force and a powerful motivator that helps you get out of bed, get out of depression, get out of constipation, etc. However, when misunderstood and channeled incorrectly, anger leads to explosions and destruction (e.g. heart attacks, brain strokes, recurring infections and chronic inflammation, gall stones, heated arguments and separations, etc.). Processed correctly, anger becomes a constructive force which feeds creativity and gives rise to visionary thinking.

So how do we learn to process emotions intelligently? Self-development work through medication and various therapies (such as BodyTalk, for instance) can be very beneficial as they help raise emotional awareness.

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