Gratitude: From pain and fear to happiness, health and wealth

In this newsletter, I will explain again how exactly gratitude works. You will learn how you can achieve peace and happiness easily using a simple gratitude exercise. I know a lot of people are already using this technique to some extent, yet with marginal results. The key to success is following this exercise to the dot – read on to find out what exactly is required and why.

You will also learn about a Hawaiian psychiatrist who healed 300 psychiatric criminal patients by using gratitude and assuming 100% personal responsibility for what they did. This is mind-blowing and I am sure you will get a lot out of his story.


Gratitude: 200 steps to happiness, holistic health and wellness, success and wealth

On numerous occasions I explain to my clients that being present to gratitude is a way to shift the bodymind from a state of fear, stress and worry to a state of peace and happiness. Specifically, I suggest that you should write down 200 things you are grateful for, preferably daily. For some this “actually works!” Mostly, however, people struggle to come up with 200 things for their gratitude list. “It just seems like too much!” Is it, indeed?

Why should you come up with 200 things you are grateful for? To put it simply – because you will get out of this exercise whatever you put into it. If you can only come up with 5-10 things you are grateful for, then quite frankly you must be really ungrateful for your life! The ultimate goal of this exercise is for you to get to a place where you are grateful for everything, even the very thing that upset you in the first place (actually, especially that thing!). For remember, there is no separation, we are all One and everything is perfect just the way it is. It is only by becoming aware of the world’s perfection that you can be peaceful and happy. And you cannot be aware of this perfection if you separate things in life into “things I am grateful for” and “things that suck”.

When you first get triggered and decide to shift your state by making a gratitude list, you start with the obvious things to be grateful for – you are alive, you didn’t get fired today, you can see, you can walk, etc. You get up to 10-20 things, you are sufficiently distracted and you think you are good to go. Wrong! Because if at that point your attention was drawn back to the very thing that upset you in the first place, chances are it would still be stressing you out. Try it and see for yourself!

If you carry on with another 20-30 things you are grateful for, you will feel considerably better and the charge around the initial stressor will lessen. Now, come up with another 100 things for your gratitude list, and I can guarantee you that you are getting close to seeing the perfection in the original event that stressed you out. Hit the 200 mark and you wouldn’t have it any other way – that thing that upset you is a life saver; you can totally see why it was supposed to happen, you love how it happened, and you love the person who caused it (actually you caused it yourself but that’s a topic for a different discussion). Now you are very grateful for that thing that was stressing you out just a little while ago. In fact you are grateful for everything and anything and you are at peace. Life doesn’t suck anymore. In reality, it never did to start off with, things are always the same. The only difference is your changed perspective on them.

You may be thinking that you don’t have time to come up with 200 things to be grateful for. But you find plenty of time to be angry and pissed off, right? Use this time to write your gratitude list instead! Keep asking yourself “What am I spending my life on?” Being angry is like drinking the poison and waiting for someone else to die. Being grateful heals wounds and hurts and helps you achieve peace and happiness.

So next time you write down a gratitude list, go all the way! Don’t settle for less when you can have more. All it takes is the commitment to come up with only 200 things you are grateful for.

The Hawaiian Healing System – A Simple and Effective Way to Help Yourself and Others

Have you heard of the doctor who healed 300 psychiatric patients without ever seeing them? All he did was review their files and ask himself how their problems reflected him. He then worked on himself and as a result all of the 300 patients were healed. The psychiatric ward had to close down because everyone was released.

The name of this doctor is Dr Hew Len. Here is what Cindy Cashman got out of one of Dr. Len’s seminars:

“It was Saturday, February 26, 2006. I went to downtown Austin to listen to Dr. Hew Len speak… His message is to be 100 percent responsible. I got to witness some powerful energy shifts. A lady at our table kept blaming a man for not calling the hospital when she had an asthma attack. Dr Hew Len paused and said:

“I am only interested in you and I heard that you need to drink more water and that will help your asthma.”

Her energy shifted right away from that of blame to gratitude. I was so excited to witness this because I noticed how I was silently judging her by saying to myself, “She is into blame,” and I find myself wanting to walk away from people who are into blame. What Dr. Hew Len did was take the negative energy and totally transform it into a loving, positive energy.

Next, I pulled out my bottled water. Pointing to the hotel water, I said to Dr. Hew Len, “Their water is not very good!”

And Dr. Hew Len said to me, “Do you realize what you just did?” When he said that I realized that I had just sent negative vibes to the water. Wow! Again, I was thankful for becoming aware of what I was doing.

He was telling me how he clears himself all the time, meaning that when this lady was blaming the man, Dr. Hew Len asked himself, “What’s going on in me that this came up in her? How can I be 100 percent responsible?”

He sends his energy up to the Divine and says: “Thank you – I love you – I am sorry.” He heard the Divine say, “Tell her to drink more water.”…”

Cindy Cashman’s story is an excerpt from Vitale, Joe (2007: 69-70) “Zero Limits – The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More”. If you are interested in finding out more about this unique healing method through assuming 100 percent personal responsibility for everything, I do recommend you read this book. It is full of insights and I personally had a lot of a-ha moments while reading it.

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