Vyara is a gifted practitioner. She is humble, discerning and full of integrity. Her ability to hear the real truth amongst my story has been extremely helpful to me. I have been a client of hers for over 6 months and the shifts and healing I have experienced have been profound for me. I originally came to Vyara to deal with my binge and emotional eating issues. Since then I have lost 6 kilos and my relationship to myself and food have dramatically changed. I am an aware person and always arrive with "my stuff". Vyara gets straight to the point and her ability to work with my body is such a welcome relief for me, as I have tried "everything". Her kindness and love always leaves me feeling at peace. Thank you, Vyara, for being all that you are, you are truly a gift to all that come into your universe! Big thank you's!

Sue James

To help you achieve what you desire, Vyara Bridgeman is offering a package that includes:

  • 10 BodyTalk sessions via Skype over 10 weeks
  • Unlimited ongoing support and personal coaching over 10 weeks
  • Personalized dietary plan (if desired)
  • Personalized mantra to help support your progress

Package price:

NZ$ 675 prepaid in full, or talk to us if you need an installment plan.

This offer is limited to the first 3 people to sign up, so hurry up or you may miss out of this great opportunity!

Register for 10 BodyTalk session + ongoing personal coaching:

To register, send an email to: info@BodyTalk4Life.com