Surfing Lessons to Achive Peace and Happiness

How to stay happy surfing the ups and downs of life

In this BodyTalk 4 Life newsletter I will give you a “surfing” lesson which will help you achieve peace and joy, especially in times when you are challenged. You will also learn whether a falling tree makes a sound in the forest if no one is there to hear it. Do keep on reading – I believe you will find this material very interesting.


Surfing lessons to achieve peace and happiness

Have you ever thought of life and life’s lows and highs as the waves of the ocean? The ocean is in constant motion – sometimes the waves are bigger, and sometimes they are smaller. But the movement never stops. High tide comes after low tide. Low tide comes after high tide. Similarly, a storm never lasts forever. After a storm there is always a quiet time, and after a quiet time another storm is bound to come sooner or later. The ocean is in motion, all the time.

Life is much the same. You can’t be happy all the time and you can’t be sad all the time either. A high will always come after a low, and a low will always come after a high. Hence the saying “This too shall pass”. Ups and downs are part of life. Therefore, it is a waste of time to try and stay happy forever. This may seem like bad news. But it is not! Because due to the exact same law, when you are down – this too shall pass! You can’t be down forever, therefore a period of challenges is inevitably followed by brighter times.

So what can you do if there is no point in trying to avoid the challenges? The trick is to stop resisting them. Life shouldn’t be about avoiding pain and gaining pleasure. It is actually very draining when you constantly try to achieve a totally pain-free life. It becomes frustrating and I have yet to meet someone who has achieved it. The people who are genuinely happy never fight the unhappiness. Instead, they learn how to surf. It is just like surfing the waves of the ocean – going with the high and go with the low, knowing that neither is permanent and allowing yourself to experience both to the fullest. Anything experienced to the fullest brings peace.

And here is your most important surfing lesson: To be able to surf the ups and downs of life gracefully, be grateful and give thanks for anything and everything, all the time. When you are happy, be grateful. When you are unhappy, find something to be grateful for. Gratitude will help you surf through the unhappiness and experience a shift in perception. Gratitude is your most important surfing tool. Make it a habit to give thanks frequently and you will experience peace more frequently, even in grim circumstances.

How much of your reality are you manifesting?

Does a falling tree make a sound if no one is there to hear it? Those of you who answered in the affirmative are wrong. A falling tree makes absolutely no sound at all, unless there is someone present to hear it. A wave can only become sound when it hits an eardrum. It is your brain that interprets the wave as sound. In the absence of the brain and the ear drum, no wave can ever be heard. This is just one example of the power of manifestation that we have as observers. Keep on reading – it gets more interesting!

In order for material things to come into existence, they also need an observer. If no one is there to observe an object, the object simply doesn’t exist – this is what quantum physicists keep telling us. In other words, your kitchen disappears when you go to sleep since nothing exists outside of our own perception. We are literary manifesting our reality, all of it, all the time. But are we doing it consciously? Can we do it consciously? Should we? These questions are for you to ponder.

In closing, here is a piece of “quantum” advice in the light of the discussion above: When you store things out of sight, they tend to deteriorate faster – since you don’t observe their existence, they go into potential and disappear from existence. So if you want to keep something longer, you need to observe it every now and then. Hence the old saying “Use it or lose it”.

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