Mind-stretching - generate new ideas

Mind-stretching: best way to generate new ideas

In this article I share an easy and effective way to stimulate fresh and creative thinking and generate new ideas. If you feel stuck with something and you can’t see a way out or a way forward, this may help you catch the break you need and see new horizons.


Rigid body – rigid mind

It isn’t a secret that when your mind is depressed, your body mirrors that and slumps. Conversely, when you feel uplifted, you sit upright and stand tall. These are very clear examples of how the mind influences the body. However, the opposite is also true – the body too can influence the mind. Thus, if you stop slumping and straighten yourself, your mood improves. And if you compress your body and posture, you can experience brain fog and sluggish mind (that’s in part because your posture influences circulation throughout the body as well as the brain).

Importantly, by doing body work we can influence not only our mood but also our thinking and creativity. Therefore, if you feel stuck and need to come up with new, fresh and creative solutions and ideas, instead of “stretching” your mind, all you need to do is stretch your body (literally!). That in turn will help creative juices flow into your brain and will stimulate flexibility in your thinking.

To stretch your body, do yoga. Yoga, although a physical practice on the surface, is in fact aimed at spiritual growth. By stretching the body, yoga poses help cultivate a flexible mind that is able to look at life from a different perspective and see new possibilities (among many other things).

Note that another big focus of yoga practices is the breathing. “Coincidentally” proper breathing loosens up posture and contributes to more flexibility in the body. This, of course, frees up the mind as well.

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