Love and Money

Money or Love? Both, please!

Did you know that Love and Money have a lot in common? And did you know that the same qualities are often needed in a person to attract both love and money? If you want to learn more about this subject, read the article below.


Love and money come from Venus

Planets reflect and correspond to specific consciousness aspects of our psyche. Thus, Venus is linked with our sensuality, harmony and order, need for socializing and affection, fear of solitude, and the attraction to the finer/luxurious things in life (which sometimes can grow into over-indulgence, over-spending and extravagance).

On a physical level, Venus rules the throat (creative expression), the kidneys (sensuality), the ovaries and the corresponding feminine energy in men (sensuality and creativity), the pancreas (sugar metabolism, the sweet things in life, adaptability), and the thoracic spine which correlates with heart qualities such as relatedness, love, attraction, self-worth, abundance, and more.

In a nutshell, Venus is the planet of Love and Money. That’s right! It rules both Love and Money!

Now, you may be wondering what Love and Money have in common. Here is what:

Self-worth & Self-love – these are heart qualities which tell us a lot about how we relate to Love and Money. Without self-worth we can’t attract money: when you don’t value yourself, the universe reflects that and doesn’t pay a lot. Without self-love we can’t attract love: you have to love yourself to project outwardly that you are lovable and capable of loving.

Abundance & Receiving
– also heart qualities which, when developed, help us feel abundant and attract abundance, both in our relationships and emotional life as well as our material circumstances. If you want to receive, you need to open your heart. And if you open your heart, you receive an abundance of money as well as love; you claim and attract what you deserve and what you need to be happy.

So if you want to be lucky in money and love, you must make friends with Venus and develop the consciousness aspects of Self-worth, Self-Love, Abundance and Receiving. Need help with that? Book a BodyTalk session!

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