More orgasms – better health – longer life

How is your sex life? Good, bad, not enough? Whatever your answer was, that pretty much answers how your health is, both mental and physical. What’s more, your sex life also predicts how long you are going to live and, likely, what you are going to die of. Want to know more? Read the article below.


Sex is a survival mechanism

Many think that the biological drive for sex is hard-wired so we can procreate. And rightly so! That’s certainly one of the reasons. But did you know that the good old sex drive is a survival mechanism? In a nutshell, the more sex you have (and certainly the more orgasms you have!), the longer you will live. As an aside, procreation itself is a survival mechanism of sorts, seeing how it keeps the species in existence. But I am now talking about survival on a personal level – about survival that applies strictly to an individual and doesn’t extend to a next generation. Interestingly enough, with some species in the animal kingdom, if there is a dying animal another one will try to have sex with it as a way to stimulate Life Force – a perfect illustration of the survival nature of sex and its role in longevity.

Before I dive into the longevity benefits of not just having sex but having frequent orgasms, let’s make it clear that the reasoning below applies only if you practice smart sex and don’t get an STD in the process (STDs would wipe out all the potential benefits and will not only age you pretty fast but may well become the very cause for your death).

Now, we all know that during (consensual) sex levels of certain hormones rise (e.g. oxytocin and human growth hormone), and these are powerful anti-aging and anti-depression substances. Sex supports the immune system as well since it stimulates the production of immunoglobulin A.

However, sex alone is only giving you half the longevity benefits if it isn’t followed by orgasm(s). Firstly, orgasms are a powerful way to relieve stress, and stress is our number one killer (literally!). Note that sex alone without an orgasm can actually contribute to building up even more frustration and thus be counter-productive. Secondly, the body releases a cocktail of calming chemicals post-orgasm that help you sleep deeper and longer (and, of course, good quality sleep is anti-aging). Thirdly, orgasms stimulate collagen production (which translates into less saggy skin and fewer wrinkles). For women – orgasms regulate the menstrual cycle and are the best cure for PMS and mood swings. For men – those who ejaculate more are less likely to develop prostate cancer. Also, orgasms strengthen the pelvic floor muscles (so needed as we age – who wants to wear diapers, right?!). And last but not least, orgasms stimulate blood flow to virtually all parts of the brain which is equivalent to a super workout for the brain and prevents forgetfulness, Alzheimer’s, dementia, depression, etc.

Admittedly, as we age nature wants to get rid of us so we can make space for the next generation (and there is nothing wrong with that per se). Not surprisingly, with age our sex drive declines and we get sicker and sicker. However, studies have shown that staying sexually active in old age correlates with being healthier (and happier!) and living longer. So there is a lot to be said about keeping the romance alive for as long as possible. That can often be helped with bio-identical hormonal replacement therapy, both in men and women. Such treatments, when supervised by a qualified doctor, are safe and not only revive the sex drive but have tremendous anti-aging, anti-cancer and anti-depression benefits on their own.

If you would like to know more about the subject, I recommend the following books:

The Healing Power of Illness: Understanding What Your Symptoms Are Telling You (by Ruediger Dahlke M.D. & Thorwald Dethlefsen)

I am too young for this!: The natural hormone solution to enjoy perimenopause (by Suzanne Somers)

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