BodyTalk treats the whole bodymind effectively

Two reasons why BodyTalk is so effective in treating the whole bodymind

In this BodyTalk 4 Life newsletter, you will learn about the two key features that make BodyTalk such an effective alternative therapy for achieving and maintaining holistic health and wellness.


Why is BodyTalk so effective in treating the whole bodymind?

The BodyTalk System is leading edge energy integrative medicine based on quantum healing principles. It is one of the fasted-growing holistic therapies in the world today. Here are two of the reasons why:

One size doesn’t fit all: Your BodyTalk sessions are tailored especially for you.

Your BodyTalk sessions take into account your own biography which has contributed to your unique biology. The same symptom almost never has the same cause. Headaches can be caused by a number of things: poor function of the gall bladder (which in turn can be caused by a number of other things), unhealed scars on the gall bladder meridian, excessive anger and resentment, poor breathing, immobility of certain cranial bones, unbalanced brain activity, and many more. In a BodyTalk session, we obtain information by tapping into your own innate wisdom. Essentially, we ask your body what needs to be balanced and use a form a neuromuscular biofeedback to obtain the answers. Thus, we are able to address the root of the problem and the symptom corrects itself as a result.

First things first: BodyTalk addresses your priorities

When you take your car to WOF, it doesn’t fail if it is not clean and the paint is scratched. But it certainly fails, if there is a problem with the engine. Now, sometimes you don’t even know that you need to service your engine because you can’t feel the problem while you are driving. And sometimes, even after you have serviced the engine, you can’t feel the difference. But even though you are not aware of the difference in the performance of your car before and after the engine was serviced, there is no doubt that your car is safer when the engine works properly, therefore the driver is safer as well.

Think of your body in the same way. Sometimes you come for a BodyTalk session with a problem you are aware of. If the problem is of the magnitude equivalent to the dirt on the outside of the car, then it may not get resolved immediately. Meanwhile, we will be “servicing your engine” because that may be a life-saving priority for you. If you are in tune, you may feel that the work goes deeper and beyond the surface symptoms. Or you may not be aware of anything happening. But make no mistake! Your body knows what your priorities are and they come up in the order of importance in your BodyTalk sessions. No one would need smooth skin when the heart is not working! Interestingly enough, your body is so clever that it sometimes doesn’t allow for the surface symptom to go away – it is simply giving you a reason to continue your BodyTalk sessions and heal on a deeper level. BodyTalk will give you what you need (although it may not always be what you want)!

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