Our character as a disease

Our character as a disease

Do you often get frustrated with some people’s ways of operating? Do you often wish people could change their ways? What if I told you their ways were like a disease? Would you be as frustrated knowing someone was sick, not stubborn? In the article below I explain what I mean.


What’s the difference between a blind person and a sighted one?

If a blind person is crossing the street, are you more likely to show patience and let them cross at their own pace, or would get annoyed at how slow they are? I bet it’s the first.

Now, if your child is taking a hell of a long time to get ready for school in the morning, are you more likely to show patience and let them take their time, or do you get angry and frustrated each morning? I bet it’s the second.

Going back to the blind person – do you think they don’t see on purpose? Do you wish they could snap out of it? Of course not! That would be foolish of you, right? Well, the same applies to the slow child. The child isn’t slow on purpose and they surely can’t snap out of it. It’s their character, and the character is like a disease. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to call said disease blindness since we are all mostly blind to our own character peculiarities (though everyone else can see them clearly). On the face of it, have you thought that you stressing out and running around like a mad thing (trying to rush everyone else as well) could be bugging other people and that could be your disease/blindness?

The truth is everyone is walking around with their blindness (i.e. worst character traits) proudly displayed. In my opinion, the most common character disease and most prevalent form of blindness is the Pride & Prejudice Syndrome. But you see, there is no need to get mad when you see other “sick” people. They are just as blind about their sickness/character as you are about yours. So show some compassion instead of frustration, both towards yourself and others. And then focus on curing your own disease through some form of therapy, for happiness comes from within.

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