Challenges and physical and mental health

Our physical and mental health and wellness can benefit greatly from disruption and challenges

In this BodyTalk 4 Life newsletter you will learn why it is detrimental to you to always have everything work out perfectly well in your life. Read on to find out what the importance is of having disruptions and challenges and how they help you live longer.

Too much good can’t be too good! Disruption is necessary and beneficial for your physical and mental health and wellness

Many of us think that if we could just go undisturbed in life, if we didn’t have any distractions and if everything went according to plan, we would be happy. Wrong! We would be bored for sure, but definitely not happy. More importantly, our brain would deteriorate rapidly and we all know what that means – dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and depression, to name but a few. I bet you don’t want to go there right? If that’s the case, embrace the challenge because it is a good work-out for your brain!

There are two leading principles forever competing in our bodymind. One is a masculine principle – this is the principle of continuity and certainty. This principle is dominant in men – that’s why men tend to be orderly and logical, they do one thing at a time and think in boxes. They don’t want too much going on at the same time and they tend to not deal very well with distractions, especially when you ask them to do two things at a time. Men like their routines, certainty and predictability gives them safety and comfort.

Although not as dominant, the principle of continuity exists in women too. This principle is crucial for survival but detrimental to growth. It is beneficial short-term because it means you are not in pain right now. But too much continuity long-term leads to deterioration and rigidity. That’s why the principle of continuity always has to be balanced out by the principle of disruption.

The principle of disruption has a feminine energy to it. Just when your left brain thinks you’ve worked everything out, your right brain (the feminine one) will throw in another variable into the mix – it can be an emotion or something else to consider. Have you noticed that women tend to be all over the place – thinking and talking about a million things at a time, changing their mind all the time and being totally unpredictable? That’s the disruption principle in action. It creates uncertainty which can be stressful short-term. But it also gives you the opportunity to choose and the flexibility to consider things outside of the box.

Disruption is important for the body just as much as it is for the mind. Here is how it helps the heart for instance. When you exercise, that’s a disruption to the heart’s rhythm – the heart has to beat faster to pump more blood. As a result, the heart becomes healthier. Without this disruption the heart will rigidify and deteriorate.

The same applies to disruptions in life. Just when you have your holiday planned out, you break your leg – that’s disruption at work. Certainly painful right now, but it is the very thing that forces you to be adaptable and flexible, to get out of your rigidity and learn a valuable lesson that will probably save your life in the future. Disruption forces you to look at the bigger picture and prevents rigidity of your body and mind. It is through disruption that you grow because disruption means possibilities and choice.

Obviously, you can’t have disruption all the time. There has to be a balance between continuity and disruption, and acceptance of both. Ultimately, this balance means a balance between the feminine and the masculine energies in the bodymind. The BodyTalk System offers plenty of techniques to enhance the balance between the masculine and the feminine. The cortices technique is designed to do exactly that on a very basic level. This technique is something you can do yourself on a daily basis. If you are unsure how to do that, ask for clarifications at your next BodyTalk session. For more sophisticated balances involving harmonizing the masculine and the feminine energies in the body, you may want to have a full BodyTalk session. Ultimately the feminine-masculine balance (also known as the yin-yang balance) allows you to experience harmony on all levels.

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