Money Master


Wealth is not simply a number, it’s a mindset. Your personal wealth level is programmed in your mind and if you want to change your financial situation you need to change your mind about finances first. This course will help you become a Money Master as it teaches you to master your money mind. You will identify where exactly you are financially (and why), where exactly you need to be (and why), and what exactly you need to do to get from where you are to where you want to be.



  • This is your ultimate money solution in three easy steps: 1. Find out where you are; 2. Figure out where you need to be. 3. Learn what to do to get from where you are to where you want to be financially.

  • Three video tutorials to help you master your money mind and start winning the money game consistently. .

  • Three manuals with step-by-step solutions to your money challenges.

  • Unlimited expert support via email. Send all your questions to:

Module 1: If you don’t know where you are, how can you get from here to where you want to be?

Take stock of where you are financially and identify the reasons for why you are here.

Examine your sabotaging money habits and release your poverty beliefs and money fears.

Settle down any unfinished business and pave the way to new and enriching money experiences.

The truth will set you free (though first it may make you miserable). What is the truth about your financial health? And what bigger truth about you and your worldview does your financial health (or lack thereof) reveal? What are you afraid of? And what do you have to believe about yourself, the world at large and money in particular to have the fears that you do? What biological instincts drive your fears and how can you work with what you have to become financially healthy and happy? These are the questions you will get answered in this module. The material here will give you crystal clarity as to where exactly you are financially (often we are delusional about that and have no idea about our true financial reality). You will also discover what exactly lead you to where you are financially (often we have no clue about that either). Last but not least, this module will give you precise tools to overcome your present situation. You will know what exactly you need to do to turn things around and start enjoying new, far more enriching and empowering money experiences.

Module 2: If you don’t know where you want to be, how can you discern the direction in which you need to go?

Turn your wishful thinking into concrete goals.

Find your personal key to achieving any goal you set for yourself.

Learn how to stop surviving and start thriving.

Humans are wired to avoid pain and to seek pleasure and satisfaction. When we try to avoid pain, we are in survival mode. When we seek pleasure and satisfaction, we are thriving. Pain avoidance keeps you trapped in a state of low vibration and you experience lack and poverty as a result. Seeking pleasure and satisfaction raises your vibration and you attract a flow of abundance accordingly. In this module, you will discover what pain you are most afraid of and trying to avoid – your specific pain avoidance mechanism is what keeps you locked up in poverty. You will also discover what gives you true pleasure thus gaining access to the only key that can free you from poverty. You will learn how to use your personal key (true pleasure) to set financial goals properly and to achieve them easily. And you will find out where exactly you need to strive to arrive financially to be living the life of your dreams.

Module 3: If you don’t take steps, how can you move from where you are to where you want to be?

Learn the art of right action at the right time.

Consolidate your efforts, become an efficient multi-tasker and maximize your manifesting potential.

Enjoy financial rewards in return for positive action.

Big dreams are a necessary though insufficient condition for big wealth. Dreaming big puts you on the path to success. But being on the right path is not enough. What gets you to the actual success in the end is your ability to move along the right path at the right pace while minimizing setbacks. And this is precisely what this module teaches. You will learn the art of synchronicity. The material here will help you figure out what steps exactly you need to take and at what time and pace in order to attain your financial goals. You will be able to find your own action rhythm and attain your wealth goal as a result.

Clients about the course

The Money Master course is SO much more than a course about money. It gave me opportunities for growth and discovery in many aspects of my life and most importantly the many beliefs, fears and values that of course underpin my approach to finances. I started the course with a perceived outcome but actually what happened afterwards was something completely different. For the better. The resources, references and guides were very helpful and inspiring. I’d highly recommend this course to anyone looking to see what’s holding them back and how to work through some of those challenges. As always, Vyara is an excellent facilitator and guide on this journey.


I did the Money Master course with Vyara and it definitely challenged my long held limiting beliefs around money in a profound way and opened the doorway for more abundance in my life. The fact that I can refer back to it regularly when the old patterns creep in is worth gold.

Christina Duthil