The 21 day Detox Solution


The 21-day Detox Solution course gives you permanent access to 4 video teaching sessions (close to 6 hours in total) + 4 comprehensive detox manuals focusing on detoxifying the physical, emotional and the mental body + ongoing email support. Advanced Certified BodyTalk practitioner Vyara Bridgeman will be guiding you through this process and teaching you how to harness, move and transform energy for the purposes of detoxification.



  • This is your ultimate solution for a complete physical and energetic detox!

  • Four video teaching sessions: powerful and extremely efficient in kick-starting a deep detoxification process for the physical, emotional and the mental bodies, and aligning them with your Higher self. You will learn how to harness, move and transform energy for the purposes of detoxification.

  • Four step-by-step “how-to” manuals for a complete detox solution: techniques, exercises and effective routines for you to follow during the 21 day detox experience and beyond. This is your roadmap to get from where you are to where you want to be. Use each manual for a week before going into the next module and next level of detox.

  • Ongoing email support during your 21-day experience and beyond! Send all your questions to:

Module 1: Physical Detox

Expel waste, toxins, calcification and plaque from the body and from the brain

Wake up the gut instinct

Declutter your physical reality

  • Building a strong and robust physical body helps not only our physical health and energy levels. It also ensures an easy and smooth emotional release and emotional reorganization (which will be the focus of the second module). That’s why in the first week we will start with decluttering and re-organizing the physical body for more internal resilience, robust health and strength.
  • This 92 min long video session focuses on moving lymph and expelling toxic waste, calcification and plaque from the body and from the brain. You will be guided through a series of balances, techniques and exercises to kick-start the physical detoxification process. We will also start to activate and harmonize the gut brain which, in turn, will help you tune into your instincts (commonly felt in the body and usually muffled by toxic load).
  • Additionally, you will receive a Physical Detox Manual which outlines a multi-level strategy plan (do as little or as much as you can manage) for a complete physical detoxification and decluttering.

Module 2: Emotional Detox

Trauma release
Release of conditioned emotional reactivity and emotional addictions
Activating the heart brain

  • Now that the body is cleaner and stronger, we can start the process of gentle trauma release as well as release of conditioned and addictive emotional reactivity. This is essential if we want to be more present to the heart, more loving from the heart, and if we want to feel special and loved deep down in our heart. Emotional detox also promotes hormonal balance, sexuality and sensuality, immune system function, and more. Most of all, we become more pleasant to ourselves and to the people around us.
  • During this 100 min long video session you will be guided through powerful neuro-somatic techniques as well as BodyTalk balances and breathing experiences to help reprogram the emotional files stored in your body that block the heart brain intelligence. You will learn how to override your automatic emotional reactivity and start responding from a place of peace and calm. Specific exercises for vagal tone will also be offered as these are extremely effective for release of deep-seated trauma.
  • Additionally, you will receive an Emotional Detox Manual with a multi-level strategy plan (do as little or as much as you can manage) to help you continue the process of emotional unpacking and detoxification of the emotional body.

Module 3: Mental Detox

Declutter the mind and release fear
Activate your creative energy and set goals
Increase your manifesting potential: watch clear thoughts become real things

  • Humanity is now entering a 5D reality where thought manifestation becomes more and more possible as long as the mind is decluttered. Once you have released the emotional toxins, you can start tapping into the depths of your unlimited creative potential (creativity is always blocked by emotional baggage). To do that though, you need to also declutter the mind and reach a state of deep clarity, sharp focus, and organized and productive thinking. This will also enhance your inner power and strength as well as your inter-personal relationships and communication skills.
  • The 77 min long video teachings focus on exercises and techniques that will kick-start the release of negative thinking, pessimism and resignation (often conditioned by past experiences), laziness of the mind and procrastination (often due to various fears), and chaotic thought patterns. You will learn how to turn on your visionary faculty, organize your mind and set goals for yourself. You will discover new ways of thinking and start reaping the benefits of thought manifestation.
  • Additionally, you will receive a Mental Detox Manual outlining a multi-level strategy plan (do as little or as much as you can manage) to help you with the process of mental reorganization, goal setting and thought manifestation.

Module 4: Align your physical, emotional and mental bodies with the Higher self

Harmonize the three brain centers: body (gut), emotions (heart) and mind (head) to the Higher self
Tap into limitlessness, higher intelligence and infinite potential
Enjoy true bliss

  • It’s now time to align fully your inner world with your outer world and witness synchronicity at work.
  • This 51 min long video session will teach you how to continue the process of self-mastery and take it to higher levels on your own.
  • In your Going Beyond Manual you will find powerful techniques that you can do anytime you wish to continue to expand your physical, emotional and mental peace and bliss.