The 21 day Weight Loss Solution


The 21-day Weight Loss Solution course gives you permanent access to 4 video teaching sessions + 4 comprehensive “how-to” manuals focusing on eliminating cravings and emotional eating, burning fat, building muscle, and normalizing hormones. Advanced Certified BodyTalk practitioner Vyara Bridgeman will be guiding you through this process and teaching you how to use energy techniques as well as the right foods and exercises for the purposes of weight loss and longevity.



  • This is your ultimate solution for an efficient and pain-free weight loss!

  • Four video tutorials: state-of-the-art information and practices to help you kick-starting a process of sugar detox, weight loss, fat burning, muscle building, and mood and hormonal balancing. You won’t feel hungry and you won’t have to kill yourself working out like crazy at the gym. There is a smarter way to lose weight and keep it off, and you will be able to experience it for yourself during this 21-day weight loss journey.

  • Four step-by-step “how to” manuals for a complete weight loss solution: techniques, exercises, energy balances and dietary guidelines for you to follow during this 21-day weight loss experience and beyond.

  • Unlimited expert support via email during your 21-day weight loss experience. Send all your questions to:

Module 1: Eliminate cravings and start a sugar detox

Eliminate and control cravings and emotional eating

Kick-start a sugar detox

Begin to normalize your hormones

  • Essentially, hormones drive cravings and slow down metabolism, they make your mood shitty, and your body inflamed, fat, sick and miserable.
  • In this first video tutorial you will learn what to do and what not to do to normalize hormones, eliminate cravings and emotional eating, and kick-start a powerful sugar detox.
  • Additionally, you will receive a step-by-step manual to work with during the first week – dietary guidelines, exercises and energy technique that are highly effective for eliminating sugar cravings, detoxing from excess sugar and turning on the fat burning mechanism. Also included are specific recommendations for supplements that supress sugar cravings as well as extra reading on the questions of hormones, sugar, carbs and obesity.

Module 2: Sculpt your body into the shape you desire

Do nothing, achieve everything
Use your own breathing and body weight for fat loss
Move lymph to shrink specific body parts that you would like smaller

  • Lymph circulation is crucial for so many things, including digestion and elimination, sugar and fat metabolism, weight loss and, most importantly, sculpting your body into the shape you would like it to be. Additionally, lymph movement helps emotional release which, in turn, can further help eliminate emotional eating and binging.
  • This second video tutorial will teach you energy methods, breathing techniques and exercises that you can use to move lymph, burn fat, and shrink specific body parts that you want smaller (e.g. waist, thighs, etc.).
  • Additionally, you will have access to a step-by-step manual to work with during the second week of this 21-day weight loss experience. The manual contains dietary guidelines, exercises, breathing techniques, energy methods and daily routines that will help you continue to lose weight and begin to sculpt your body in the shape you want. Also included are specific recommendations for fat burning supplements as well as extra reading on the questions of eating fat, storing fat and burning fat.

Module 3: Maintain optimal metabolic rate with minimal effort

Build more muscle to burn more fat
Work out smart: short and sweet
Enjoy a strong, young and sexy body

  • Exercise in and of itself is not crucial for weight loss. In fact, too much cardio can sometimes become pro-inflammatory and thus impede the weight loss process. Therefore, it is important to incorporate smart and appropriate physical workouts in order to get maximum metabolic benefits from your exercising regime.
  • In this module, you will learn what type of exercises can help you increase muscle mass and burn fat in the most efficient way – without needing to spend hours at the gym, and without feeling exhausted and ravenous for days after a workout. During the video tutorial we will also do some BodyTalk balances to help you change your mindset around food, nourishment, love, self-love and body image.
  • Additionally, you will receive a step-by-step manual to work with during this third week – dietary guidelines, exercises, and daily routines that will help you step it up and reach your ultimate weight loss goal.

Module 4: Going beyond – weight loss and longevity

Turn the speed of your weight loss up or down at will
Stay in control of your slip ups
Slow down biological aging and extend your life span

  • We don’t get fat between Xmas and New Year’s; we get fat between New Year’s and Xmas! Optimal health and weight is not a function of some short-term food deprivation experience. It’s a function of applied knowledge and wisdom throughout a lifetime.
  • In this bonus video material, you will learn how to continue to take care of your body on your own. You will learn how you can speed up or slow down weight loss, and how you can quickly compensate for occasional slip-ups during your weight loss process. Last but not least, you will discover how you can tap into the depths of your inner resources, slow down biological aging and extending your life.
  • Additionally, you will receive a step-by-step manual to guide you beyond this 21-day weight loss experience. The manual addresses various scenarios and is designed to help you both continue to lose weight (provided you have not yet achieved your goal) and maintain your optimal weight once you have achieved it. It also teaches you how you can rejuvenate your body and reverse the biological aging process.