Quantum laws for baby brain development

Quantum laws: Dad’s brain is the most important factor in baby’s brain development

This BodyTalk 4 Life newsletter is packed with interesting information, some of which I learnt during the training I did last month with Dr John Veltheim, the founder of BodyTalk. Read on to find out how the emotional state of the father can affect the foetus throughout pregnancy, even if the father is miles away from the pregnant mum! You will also learn how you can explain BodyTalk in an simple and easy to understand way.


Quantum laws in action: The nervous system during foetal life and early childhood is influenced by Dad’s emotional state

It is common knowledge that the emotional state of a pregnant woman has a profound effect on the development of the foetus. The baby can soak up mum’s emotional traumas very easily. In some cases mum’s traumas will continue to affect the adult life of the child and cause a lot of problems – this has been observed beyond doubt. What’s less known however is that the emotional state of the father during pregnancy has a remarkable impact on the development of the nervous system of the foetus. In one experiment researchers were monitoring the stress levels of a dad who was in London. At the same time, they were monitoring the reactions of his unborn child who was in USA. The experiment showed a remarkable correlation between the emotional state of the father and that of the foetus. Every time the father went into stress, the foetus showed signs of stress as well. And the distance didn’t matter. Even if the father would have been on the Moon, his unborn child would still have been able to pick up on his stress and show a similar reaction. This can be explained with Entanglement – a theory well known form quantum physics. Entanglement is also what allows us to treat patients with BodyTalk from a distance.
So let us see how specifically dad’s emotions affect the brain and the nervous system of the foetus. The first trimester is when the reptilian brain is being developed. Any stress during that period will affect the survival mechanisms as well as the need to develop masks and be deceptive in life. If the reptilian brain is not developed properly, people tend to become reactionary. They are also very skillful at deception and telling lies as this is perceived as part of the survival mechanism.

The second trimester is when the limbic brain starts to develop. This is the memory brain, also called “the emotional brain”. People with underdeveloped limbic system are not good at dealing with their emotions. They also have problems with their intuition, they tend to be less creative, and they lack the wisdom to see the bigger picture. Instead, they tend to be pedantic about details, and they can’t think outside of the box.

The third trimester is the time when the neo-cortex is being developed. This is the part of the brain that distinguishes us humans from other animals. This is the brain that enables you to think consciously, plan, organize, make decisions, and take responsibility. When the neo-cortex is underdeveloped in a person, the animalistic nature takes over.

Of course the development of the nervous system continues after birth but the time in the womb is very important and determines the foundations of the brain. The next critical stage as far as the nervous system is concerned is the first 9 months after birth – this is when the pre-frontal cortex starts to develop. The prefrontal cortex is the highest brain and relates to universal love, intelligence and wisdom. People who achieve enlightenment in life have a highly developed prefrontal cortex.

The amount of unconditional love the child receives during the first 9 months after birth is by far the most important factor for the development of the prefrontal cortex. If the world is scary, you will tend to become reactive and defensive (which sometimes can manifest as allergies, among other things). If you receive love, you will be peaceful and content, the prefrontal cortex will tend to be more developed and the self-healing mechanism will work far better.

So if you are into conscious parenting, make sure both mum AND dad are aware of the effect their emotions are having on their child. Quite often we forget that the farther has just as an important role to play in parenting as the mother. The baby does “soak” up both mum’s AND dad’s emotional baggage. That’s why we can achieve very good results for the health of a young child by doing a BodyTalk session for on one or both parents. Very often, when we correct the parent’s problems, their children become healthier.

BodyTalk explained simply by Amanda Rollefstad

“The BodyTalk System is an effective health modality that offers a unique, individualized solution to both simple and complex diseases. This modality addresses all factors contributing to the disease (or symptoms) including all physical, mental, emotional, and environmental stressors thus allowing for true healing. BodyTalk recognizes the connection between the body and mind and how the conscious and unconscious habit patterns, thoughts, and attitudes restrict the body and affect disease. It is through the use of the body’s innate wisdom that we determine all the facets of disease and can then prioritize how, and when the problems should be addressed.”

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