Negative beliefs and reality

Reality check: Are negative beliefs shaping your reality?

In this BodyTalk 4 Life newsletter you can read about “reality check”. We often question our perception – “Is she genuinely nice or am I kidding myself?” My answer to this question would be “Does it really matter?” Also in this newsletter: Byron Katie on “What is the difference between what I want, what I need and what is right now?” Read on to find out.


Is your reality real? Is it shaped by negative beliefs or positive thinking?

The world doesn’t really exist outside of your own head. The proof for that is the fact that different people experience the world differently – for some today is a beautiful day and for others it is the biggest nightmare of their life, yet it is the same day and quite possibly the same circumstances.

We tend to see the world through our beliefs. And when we receive information inconsistent with our beliefs, we resist this information and misinterpret it to fit our beliefs. You can only see what you expect to see. It is much harder to register things that you don’t expect to see.

The following experiment is a great illustration of the point above. The same class of school kids was given to two sets of teachers. The teachers in group A were told that the kids in that class had an exceptionally high IQ; in the subjects that these teachers taught, the kids did outstandingly well. The teachers in group B were told that the same kids were very slow and mentally challenged. And guess what! In the subjects that these teachers taught, the same kids did extremely poorly.

So, are the kids smart or stupid? They are whatever you believe them to be! Nothing exists outside of your own mind. If you believe things are great, they are great. And they will remain so until you start questioning this belief. Is this real or am I kidding myself? Nothing is objectively real; everything is a matter of perception and interpretation. So you may as well choose interpretations that empower you. You will be kidding yourself either way.

If you find it hard to question your own beliefs, BodyTalk can help you disassociate those that don’t serve you. A BodyTalk session can help you shift your perspective and your expectations in a way that your life becomes happier and more peaceful.

Loving what is

“We are always going to get what we need, not what we think we need. Then we come to see that what we need is not only what we have, it’s what we want. Then we come to want only what is. That way we always succeed, whatever happens.”
Byron Katie, “A Thousand Names For Joy” (2007:55)

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