Redecorating and mental health

Redecorating and mental health

Did you know that the orientation and positioning of the furniture around you can make you or break you? Read more about this below.


Improve your mood by shifting your furniture around

The geometrical configuration created by the furniture arrangement around you contributes to unique energy. This energy tends to reflect your attitudes and belief systems. If you no longer resonate with that energy, however, you can become quite ill. That is why, when you go through a paradigm shift, you may need to rearrange your environment so that its vibration reflects your new way of thinking.

Are you in therapy, doing some personal development work, or simply going through big changes in your life which are making you re-evaluate what is important? Are you feeling uncomfortable and unsettled in the process? Do you have trouble sleeping? If that is the case, try shifting your furniture around – quite often this may be enough to help you feel at ease and at peace again.

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