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Hi, Vyara! Thank you for the distant group healing the other day. I felt much calmer immediately, and two days later I am already attracting lots of opportunities so my financial situation doesn’t seem all doom and gloom any more. I am sleeping much better too.


I have participated in several group healings and they have all been very helpful. One of the biggest changes I have experienced was after a group session that was specifically addressing inflammation. I had suffered pelvic floor pain, PMS, ovarian cysts and mood swings for decades. After the group session on inflammation, I have had none of the above complaints. I feel really comfortable in my own skin now.


Vyara is a gifted practitioner. She is humble, discerning and full of integrity. Her ability to hear the real truth amongst my story has been extremely helpful to me. I have been a client of hers for over 6 months and the shifts and healing I have experienced have been profound for me. I originally came to Vyara to deal with my BINGE and EMOTIONAL EATING issues. Since then I have LOST 6 KILOS and my relationship to myself and food have dramatically changed. I am an aware person and always arrive with "my stuff". Vyara gets straight to the point and her ability to work with my body is such a welcome relief for me, as I have tried "everything". Her kindness and love always leaves me feeling at peace. Thank you, Vyara, for being all that you are, you are truly a gift to all that come into your universe! Big thank you's!

Sue James

I participated in one group healing focused on dissolving Grief, and I was quite surprised that very shortly after the session I was able to make plans about the future. I had been so stuck, depressed and unmotivated, and I thought I would never be happy again. Thank you, Vyara! Your group session brought optimism and joy back into my life.

Kat Miller

5 reasons to conquer your addictions:

#1:You pay for your addictions with your health: Constantly getting angry, depressed, jealous or righteous is an addiction, and it is just as detrimental to your health as it is consuming too much sugar, alcohol or drugs. The same goes for your Facebook addiction - the radiation is slowly killing you no matter how much you try to justify your compulsion to be on your phone or computer.

#2: You pay for your addictions financially: It costs a lot of money to constantly buy chocolates, cigarettes, alcohol or drugs.

#3:You pay for your addictions with your time: It is time consuming to drive around late at night looking for the food, alcohol or drugs you are craving. It also takes times to actually consume the object of your addiction. Not to mention the time spent afterwards on regret and feeling sorry for yourself. And of course, your social media and electronic addictions are also wasting your time.

#4: You pay for your addictions with your happiness: If you are addicted to being the victim, the poor or the failure, you can never experience anything else.

#5: You pay for your addictions with your freedom: You are never free to choose, the addictions are always making the choice for you.

Ready to conquer your addictions?

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How the distant group healing works:

  • Did you know that a single horse can pull 2 tons worth of load while two horses can pull 23 tons? Similarly, clearing a common problem AS A GROUP is much more powerful as the increased number of observers will amplify the effectiveness of the healing session.
  • For this distant group healing session on Addictions Vyara Bridgeman, Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner with over 10 years of clinical experience, uses the BodyTalk System - a quantum healing therapy that works at the level of the consciousness and is therefore extremely effective when performed as distant healing. Distant healing is like wireless technology and works similar to cell phones and the Internet.

Time for this group session on Addictions:

20 Aug 2019 at 10am Eastern European Time

How much does it cost?

  • Price for the "Conquer Your Addictions" group session: NZ$50
  • Payable via Visa/Mastercard (3.25% service fee applies) or bank transfer.

What to do and expect:

  • Sign up following the link below.
  • You will receive payment instructions within 1 business day of signing up. Payment of NZ$50 should be made prior to the session to ensure participation.
  • While Vyara is doing the distant healing on Addictions you can choose to relax, or simply go about your day. Once the session is done, Vyara will email you a detailed report of what balances she performed as well as what you can do yourself to amplify the effectiveness of the session.
Sign up for the 'Conquer Your Addictions' distant group session NOW