“Thanks to BodyTalk Access, I now rarely get colds and when I do, I get over them very quickly.”

“My mental focus and concentration have improved tremendously since I started doing Access. My memory is also better now, and I notice that I respond very calmly in challenging situations when previously I would experience anger and frustration.”

“I used to suffer from muscle pain and had massive back problems as a result of long hours spent in front of the computer. Two weeks after I started doing Access on a daily basis, the muscle pain was relieved remarkably and my posture was noticeably straighter.”

“Access keeps me in great form for my tennis competitions – it helps me stay well hydrated and assists my focus and clarity.”

“Since I started doing Access, I sleep much better at night and I have an abundance of energy during the day. My digestion improved too! ”

“I have done 3 Access sessions now and I don’t have sugar cravings any more.”

How does Access work and when does it help?

BodyTalk Access is a set of 5 balancing techniques. These techniques are based on quantum healing principles aimed at reducing stress and promoting a state of relaxation and self-healing. The BodyTalk Access techniques can help:

  • reduce pain, stress and shock
  • improve general health and wellness
  • improve mental health, memory and concentration
  • stimulate the immune system, clear bacteria, viruses, allergies and toxins
  • balance muscles and joints
  • improve co-ordination and strength
  • balance the nervous system
  • restore the body’s correct use of water
  • speed up any natural healing process

Who will benefit from Access?

Anybody who wants to reduce their stress and improve their physical and mental health and wellness will benefit from BodyTalk Access. It is safe, non-invasive and effective, and it is great for babies and young children, students, pregnant women and mums, business and working people, athletes and seniors.

What to expect from an Access session

We offer Access sessions as distant healing. This allows you to go about your day or be sleeping while the session is being sent. During the session, which usually takes about 15 minutes, you may experience different sensations (e.g. hot, cold, desire to cough or drink water, various tingling sensations), or you may feel nothing at all. Most of our clients report feeling clearer in their head and having more energy straight after the session.

What is the difference between a regular BodyTalk session and an Access session?

A regular BodyTalk session is individually tailored to each and every one of our clients. It usually takes about 45min. During a regular BodyTalk session, the practitioner uses bio-muscular feedback to determine which balances are a priority for the client and in what order they need to be performed. In contrast, in an Access session the practitioner performs a set of 5 balances in exactly the same order for every client and every session. These balances target basic needs of the bodymind complex and can contribute significantly to enhancing the physical and mental health and wellness of the client. However, for more complex cases the 5 Access balances may not be enough, and a regular BodyTalk session may be required in order to address deeper problems more effectively. Your practitioner will be able to help you with your choice.

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