I was raped repeatedly by my father when I was a child. Then I spent most of my life hating him and not only him but also men in general. I felt stuck, sick, depressed and didn’t want to live. A friend recommended a forgiveness session with Vyara. I was skeptical but did it anyway and I am very happy I did it. Basically, after the session the resentment simply disappeared. Now I feel like I can love not only my father, but also myself. Life feels so much better.


Quantum laws 101: Forgiving is healing

A true giver knows how to forgive. Forgiveness is the highest form of giving and the very thing that holds the key to your own happiness. Without forgiveness, there is no true healing, nor can you ever be free and happy.

Forgive yourself first! Then forgive everyone else that you think has hurt you. The reality is, no one has the power to hurt you. You are the one who chooses to feel hurt and you choose to blame someone else for feeling that way. Let it go, forgive and forget! Stop drinking the poison waiting for someone else to die...

Forgiveness can be very easy! The only thing you need to do is give up the idea that you are right. Remind yourself that we are all human and we can all make mistakes, mostly unintentional. Forgive by sending out positive energy and love, and watch the positive energy and the love coming back to you many times over. Easier said than done? If you need help with forgiving, don’t despair - help is on the way!

Need help with forgiveness? Discover the coherence techniques!

Often times we kid ourselves, thinking that we are ready to move on and let go simply by asserting that in our head. But unless it comes from the heart, forgiving never really takes place. Numerous studies have been done on the role that the heart plays in maintaining optimal physiological and mental health and wellness. The heart actually sends more information to the brain, neurologically speaking, than the brain to the heart.

HeartMath researchers coined the term "coherence" to describe a sign-wave pattern in the heart rhythm which is observed when we are in optimal state. Operating in a state of coherence ensures that you are giving and forgiving from your heart.

Since the discovery of the coherence heart wave, various techniques have been designed to assist you in reaching coherence (i.e. an optimal state of mind and body). There are also special devices to measure your heart output and give you direct and accurate feedback on how you are doing in terms of coherence.

At the BodyTalk 4 Life Clinic, we can teach you some of those techniques and give you access to special software that helps you achieve coherence. If you want to be able to forgive from the bottom of your heart, come to our clinic in Auckland (New Zealand) and treat yourself to a "Forgiveness" session! You will be amazed at what that can do for you!

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