Hi, Vyara! Thank you for the distant group healing the other day. I felt much calmer immediately, and two days later I am already attracting lots of opportunities so my financial situation doesn’t seem all doom and gloom any more. I am sleeping much better too.


I have participated in several group healings and they have all been very helpful. One of the biggest changes I have experienced was after a group session that was specifically addressing inflammation. I had suffered pelvic floor pain, PMS, ovarian cysts and mood swings for decades. After the group session on inflammation, I have had none of the above complaints. I feel really comfortable in my own skin now.


I participated in one group healing focused on dissolving Grief, and I was quite surprised that very shortly after the session I was able to make plans about the future. I had been so stuck, depressed and unmotivated, and I thought I would never be happy again. Thank you, Vyara! Your group session brought optimism and joy back into my life.

Kat Miller

Special offer on group sessions:

Detox yourself!

Release physical, emotional and mental toxins!

Purify your body, soul and mind!

  • Our body is constantly dealing with toxins, both from the environment as well as toxins created by our destructive emotional and mental responses.
  • Each toxin, depending on its nature, blocks particular organs and physiological processes as well as certain chakras and their corresponding aura layers. As a result, our energy field becomes murky and we feel depleted.
Join these group sessions and detox yourself!
1: Session #1 (22 Nov 2021): Physical detox and recharge
  • Release toxins from your gut, liver, brain, heart, lymphatics and joints
  • Increase your physical health, strength, energy levels and resilience towards injuries and illnesses
  • Purify the first layer of the aura

Session #2 (24 Nov 2021): Emotional detox and recharge
  • Liberate yourself from emotional poison blocking the free flow of energy throughout your body
  • Increase your emotional health, strength and your sensual and sexual awareness
  • Purify the second layer of the aura

Session #3 (26 Nov 2021): Mental detox and recharge
  • Release destructive mental attitudes, limiting beliefs and toxic thoughts
  • Increase your ability to perceive life clearly and objectively, make decisions in a detached and neutral manner, and elevate your thinking to serve your Higher Self
  • Purify the third layer of the aura

How are the sessions done?

Group healings can be much more powerful than individual ones as the consciousness of the group amplifies the effectiveness of the session. Hence, each session is done as a group distant session on the day announced above. This means that the same healing session is received by everybody who registers. The healing sessions are realized following the quantum healing principles of the BodyTalk System while the participants simply go about their day. An individual email summarizing the balances from the session is sent out to everybody once the session is done.

Cost for all 3 sessions: NZ$ 120