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Sound instead of medication – is this possible?

In what follows I discuss the role of sound in healing.


The healing power of sound

John Stuart Reid is an acoustic physicist exploring the healing power of sound. At one point he injured his back severely which caused him excruciating pain. Several weeks later he was due to conduct an experiment at the Egyptian pyramids and he went despite the back pain.

At the Great Pyramid of Giza, John and his team sprinkled sand on a membrane stretched across the chamber’s sarcophagus. Then they started to play different sounds and discovered that each sound caused the appearance of an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph in the sand. Among these hieroglyphs were the symbol for “back bone” (i.e. the spinal column), the symbol for “protection” and the one for the “Sun God”. As if that wasn’t miraculous enough, within 20 minutes of the experiment, John’s back pain disappeared and never came back.

Importantly, you don’t need to go to the pyramids to experience the healing power of sound. Back in his lab, John conducted another experiment. He took blood from 1 person (i.e. all blood cells were genetically identical) and divided it into 2 vials. One of the vials was placed in an incubator with small loud speakers that transmitted chanting. The other vial was placed in a Faraday cage (i.e. the blood was electromagnetically shielded and no sound could reach it). At the end of the experiment, the blood cells that weren’t exposed to music had all died. In contrast, the blood cells that were exposed to the chanting sounds were living and thriving. The experiment was repeated a few times and the results were the same every time.

Thus, it appears we can use music in place of medicine. Similar experiments have shown that when a person is exposed to loud, low-frequency music (i.e. bass sounds of the kind most of us don’t like), the production of red blood cells increases. In contract, when a human is exposed to nice, soft tones that we like, the production of white blood cells increases.

Of course, there is a lot more to be understood about the healing power of sound. I hope this convinces you though that there is such a thing to begin with. I also hope I have said enough to encourage you to experiment with different kinds of music and sounds to enhance your own healing journey.

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