Allergies and intolerances

Surprising facts about allergies and intolerances

In this BodyTalk 4 Life newsletter, we will talk about food allergies and intolerances. What makes a certain food good or bad? Why have we reached a peak in allergies and intolerances in our Western society? What’s wrong with gluten and dairy? Read on to find out how you can take matters in your hands and influence the effect that your food is having on your body. In this issue I will also explain how giving love to others will help you heal and recover from disease. I hope you find this information useful.


Allergies and intolerances

Do you ever wonder why so many people nowadays are gluten and dairy intolerant? That certainly didn’t seem to be the case in the past. Our grandparents’ generation in fact ate mainly bread made out of wheat (wheat having relatively high amounts of gluten). Were they ok consuming gluten or did they have a problem they didn’t know about? And how do you raise a generation which is dairy intolerant in a country like New Zealand where the sheep and the cows traditionally outnumber the people by far?

Many of you will blame it on the technology we are using to grow and process our grains, dairy products and other foods. The milk is pasteurized and homogenised, some grains are being genetically modified, and the meats can be full of hormones. Fair enough, those may be contributing factors in developing food allergies and intolerances. However, I believe there are a number of other things we need to consider here.

Most of us are aware that what you expect is what you get. If you have an expectation that something is bad for you, it will be. If you have the opposite expectation, you are less likely to suffer ill effects. The following experiment is extremely telling: A number of people were given a very decadent dessert to eat. All of those people gave blood before and after they ate the sugary dessert. They also filled in a questionnaire and indicated how they felt during and after eating the dessert. Some of the people reported that they felt a lot of pleasure and were very happy about eating the sweet temptation. Virtually everybody who fell in that category demonstrated through the blood tests that their immunity improved after they ate the dessert. Other people reported that they felt guilty and knew they shouldn’t have eaten the dessert because it was bad for them. The blood from all those people showed that their immunity got worse after they ate the dessert. Clearly, there is nothing inherently bad or good about the dessert itself. It is what you make it mean and your attitude towards it (not the substance itself) is what affects you the most!

Similar experiments with water prove the same point. Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto took the purest water from a Himalayan spring and “cursed” it by projecting mentally a bad intention onto it. When frozen, this water displayed the ugliest crystals you could imagine. In a parallel experiment Emoto took chlorinated water, micro-waved it, and then mentally projected Love and Gratitude onto it. Once frozen, the water displayed the most beautiful crystals. So again – there is nothing inherently good or bad about either type of water other than our own attitude towards it!

Back to gluten and dairy – are you really intolerant or is it all in your head? Yes and Yes! If you have symptoms, I believe that you really are intolerant and at the same time it must be all in your head. For whatever goes on in your head has a powerful effect on your biochemistry. Gluten and dairy have had extremely bad press in recent years. This negativity has become part of the (unconscious) collective consciousness. I believe that this is why the younger generation picks up on it easily – the war on gluten is so profound in the Western countries that gluten is almost at the risk of becoming part of the “programmed dangers” we are born with. In reality, in and of itself gluten is neither bad nor good. It is our attitude that makes it so.

The same goes for other types of allergies and intolerances. Cat allergies very often get triggered when people hear a cat on the TV! This clearly shows that your thinking matters more than you can imagine. One significant complication here comes from the fact that sometimes you don’t even know what you are thinking since a large part of the thinking process is happening on a subconscious level (where our deepest fears reside).

So what can you do? In general, the happier you feel, the more foods you will tolerate. (As an aside, the happier you are, the more foods your children will tolerate as well. Your children are like a sponge – they soak up your attitudes and eventually become a version of you, whether you like it or not). You need to let go of the fear and find ways to experience joy and pleasure in your life. The easiest way to do that is to get present to gratitude. Write down 200 things you are grateful for – this simple exercise is guaranteed to shift your mental state, which in turn will alter your body chemistry profoundly. Do this daily and you won’t know yourself in a week or two. Whenever you are about to tell yourself off for having eaten something “bad”, quickly start making a gratitude list instead. You will be amazed at how much stronger and less reactive your immune system will become!

Giving love is healing

Recent studies have shown that practicing altruism can wake up your self-healing mechanism and help you recover from disease. The more love you give to other people, the healthier your own bio-chemical make up will be. However, be careful not to experience resentment about giving too much. Give love unconditionally without expecting anything in return and it will definitely come back. If you put conditions and if you have expectations about how you need to be rewarded, you are not acting from a place of true love. In that case, don’t even bother.

How would you know if your love is unconditional and therefore can help your self-healing? If it makes you feel good regardless of the outcome, then it is true love. If you only feel good about giving love depending on the outcome, then that’s not true love, that’s your ego playing mind games. You need to release the attachment to getting something in return. Only then can you be truly happy; only then can you enjoy the healing benefits from giving love.

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