Cholesterol and love

Surprising facts about love and cholesterol

Want to lower bad cholesterol? Scientists found a healthy way!

In one study, researchers divided healthy college students into two groups. One group was asked to write affectionate letters to friends, loved ones, family or romantic partners. The other group were asked to write to the same types of people, but they wrote about mundane topics like the weather and sports.

The trial continued for 5 weeks. Total cholesterol was assessed at the beginning and end of the trial. Interestingly, the group that wrote affectionate letters saw a significant reduction in total cholesterol. The group that wrote non-affectionate letters saw an increase in cholesterol levels during the same period.

Perhaps the best explanation for these findings, on one level, is the production of the love chemical, oxytocin. This is the giving, loving, and bonding hormone that feeds us in a unique way and leads to a number of health benefits.

The conclusion? Fall in love! With people and with life! This isn’t a question about having romantic feelings for everyone around you. It is about seeking a deeper connection which can be achieved by exploring the gratitude angle. Try to be (genuinely!) grateful for the people in your life. Even the ones you don’t like. In fact, especially those ones for they are your teachers and your opportunity to get over yourself and be happy. Gratitude leads to love, which leads to more oxytocin, which leads to lower cholesterol as well as lower blood pressure, lower stress levels, better digestion, healthy weight, and much more!

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